Trapsin no fcr gear


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Hey everyone.
Startet replaying diablo two month ago after years of break. Now Im playing quite a while again and want to make my first ever Trapsin.
On every other char I use teleport / Enigma, so just for fun I don't wanna give my Trapsin teleport, because I wanna play little bit different on this char --> no fcr needed. Im not into PvP, so its just a build for PvM. Im not in a hurry finishing that build so please don't give budget advice, as godly as possible would be nice :p
In most builds I can find equipment advice for fcr builds, so I started making some thoughts how to equip her otherwise. Because I use Hoto/Spirit a lot, too, I really wanna go with 2 Claws.
Best choice I found for pure dmg would be 3sin/LS magic Claws
For Helm Shako Um
Mara 30
2 SoJ or Raven
2nd Slot Cta / Spirit

and at that point Im not sure what would be best choice for Boot/Glove/Belt. I could go for missing res on Sc or here. What would be your suggestion?

Other thing is, I can't find proper Breakpoint for ias with two claws, can someone tell me?
Thank you very much :)