Trapsin ISO:


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Trapsin ISO:

In Search of:
+2 Sin/+3 Lightning Sentry Fascia/Quhab/Scissors Quhab with 0 or 2 sockets
+2 Sin/+3 Lightning Sentry Greater Talons with 0 or 2 sockets

+2 Sin/17%+FCR Amulet

10%FCR/19Strength Ring with (Life/Resists/Life Replenish)
Griffins with perfect -% Enemy (don't care about +% Lite damage)
Trap Lifers
Trap FHRs (I think, I haven't done the math yet)

Fool's Runic/Feral/Greater Claws/Greater Talons with +2 Sin, 2 sockets, +3 Lightning Sentry (as close as possible)

7%FHR/Str/Dex Jewel

Eth Reaper's Toll
10/14 Ethereal Treks
Ethereal Treks (Reminder to self. Look up stats on these)
2 Socketed 15%DR/21 Resists CoA
Arachnid Mesh (lots)
BK rings (lots)
White +2 ES Rune Staff