trapper/WWsin Caster Setup dilemma


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trapper/WWsin Caster Setup dilemma

Okay, so this is my dilemma:

Most hybridsins use an Um'ed Kiras and a Jade Talon for their caster switch. If I make that switch, I lose my 7/3 kick and 9 frame trap laying speed.

To remedy the loss of speed, I've come up with a solution. I can socket my Kiras with a 15% IAS jewel and get a 3 socket runic or greater talon with 3x 15All resists jewels. Ideally of course, Id want a 15IAS/15Resist jewel in my Kiras and 3x 15 Resist all/2nd mod jewels in a Jewelers or Artisans runic or greater talon of some suffix.

So which caster switch should i go with? Its basically speed vs. extra resists as far as i can see.

Thanks in advance


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You don't need both those items vs. 90% of casters. You should have max res without either of them, the only reason to use them is vs. Blizzard or Nova sorceresses or against people with an infinity merc.

Anyway, your second setup is a novel way to stack and maintain speed. However, you still lose your 65 FCR if you do that (unless you use a caster ammy, which will hurt your res). You also can't absorb at all without losing 65 FCR. IMO, the best thing to have against casters (GM) is a little stack, 1 piece of absorb and your 65 FCR/9 Frame Traps.