Trapper: Why IAS?


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Trapper: Why IAS?

I don't understand why people put shaels (20 ias) in +3 trap claws...? Isn't casting a Trap FCR not attack? Are they just nimbus's? Just a quick question, no need to discuss tons. :grin:

Silent Shaddow

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i didnt think that the rate of fire of a trap changed, i maybe be wong, but i thought that FCR was only really used for tele/MB,
-silent @ wizardept thnx 4 clearing that up, i was pretty sure from observations from my trapper but didnt 2 make the mistake i did b4, confused, no...


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The rate of fire on traps does not change.
The rate at which you lay traps on the ground does.

ias is required for 9 frame trap setting.
FCR is for tele/mb, which pretty much makes it a requirement for a pvp trapper not sucking.

So you need both. ias for traps, fcr for tele/mb/ph

no need to discuss tons.
Just clearing things up for silent since he seems a bit lost. lol @ 3 people responding with same info and silent getting confused.