Trapper Assa


Trapper Assa


20 Shock Web
20 Charged Bolt Sentry
20 Lightning Sentry
20 Death Sentry
1 Psychic Hammer
1 Cloak of Shadows
1+ Mind Blast
1 Claw Mastery
1+ Weapon Block
1 Shadow Warrior
1+ Shadow Master
1 Burst of Speed
1+ Fade
1 Fire Blast
1 Dragon Talon
1 Dragon Claw
1 Dragon Tail
1 Dragon Flight

I would Suggest putting more into Burst of Speed to get away from upcoming melee chars, and if you absolutely need it, teleport with enigma.


Helmet: Shako Socket-
Weapon: Good claws with +3 Traps skills and +3 Lightning Sentry
Weapon: Another good claw with +3 Traps Skills and +3 Lightning Sentry
Weapon (Switch): Heart of the Oak Flail
Shield (Switch): ‘Spirit’ Monarch
Armor: ‘Enigma’ Mage plate
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Boots: Rare boots with r/w and resists
Rings: Raven Frost + 10% FCR and resists ring
Amulet: +3 Traps skills with one of the following your in need of; Life/Resists/FCR
Charms: 10 Trap Skill charms with any amount of life/fhr/resists, Annihilus, 9 all resists charms


Strength- enough to wear equipment, then subtract 20 (Annihilus)
Dexterity- enough to wear katars (no need for block/ weapon block)
Vitality- rest of points here
Energy- base
******How would this trapper assassin look? She can do substantial damage, I don’t know how to calculate how much damage exactly, but it will be quite a bit. Would this be a viable build in pvp, please critique******
+3 trap claws w/ +3 ls would be better.
unless the +3 trap ammy has godly mods, i would recommend maras.
at least 1 soj for ring
i use waterwalks for boots, since they give +65 life and 15 dex.


Yeah that'd be pretty good, the soj can give me more mana, and yeah I wasn't sure about the katars, what they could spawn, are +3 traps/+3 ls extremely rare or could I find one in a couple hours.

And waterwalk seems good, but I wouldn't have a lot of resists. What would I do with that. What about the skills, do they look alright, and my final question, is there a calculator where I could find out how much lightning damage I would do?


Breakpoint for IAS or FCR, because I've been hearing you need ias and then I hear fcr, which is it?


Ahh I remember when FCR was for traps/tele/and mindblast. Let me check my gear to see how much I have, and then I will edit.

I just realized I have 0% Ias, so what do I need to do to make it break even. I have plenty of FCR for mindblast and tele.