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Traphunter build-> I want to hear ideas

Discussion in 'Demon Hunter' started by jon, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. jon

    jon IncGamers Member

    Jan 23, 2012
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    Traphunter build-> I want to hear ideas!hUX!cbbaZZTrap
    Spike Trap with Scatter-> for quick placement and hatred generation

    Multishot with suppression fire-> for massive discipline generation

    Caltrops with jagged spikes-> acts as another trap with 60% slow + 45% damage (I beleive it is still per second even though it is not stated)

    Sentry with spitfire turret-> Adds rocket damage (I believe it shoots more than 1 arrow/rocket per shot since the discription seems to imply the word "enemies," plural.

    Preparation with Punishment-> 20 disc = 100 hatred= 7 multishots( with natural hatred regen)= 21 disc if at least 3 targets are hit with each multishot.

    Rain of Vengence with Beastly bombs-> 150% damage x 20 shadow beasts = hatred dumb with a huge bang
    Ballistics-> Adds more rocket damage to sentry (80% damage).

    Custom engineering-> Caltrops lasts 12 secs, Sentry lasts 40 secs, and who knows what it does to spike trap? Really anyone know?

    Night Stalker-> Even more disc regen from crits

    This built is build around a lot of disc regen to spam sentry, or to convert to hatred.
    1.) Set up your caltrops, 2 sentrys, and 3 spike traps
    2.) Replace spike traps as needed and multishot for disc regen
    3.) Cast more sentries/caltrops/spike traps
    4.) Cast preparation to regain hatred, multishot to regen hatred
    5.) Use Rain of Vengence cool down as a I.W.I.N. button against rare mobs and bosses

    1.) Replace Spike Trap with Volitile Explosives Bola shot
    -The increased aoe explosion would result in more disc regen through night stalker procs and possibly more dps than spike traps
    -Wouldn't have any single target hatred generators

    2.) Replace spike trap with Gas Grenades
    -Paired with caltrops to keep mobs bunched up in the same area the 25% damage per sec would add up with grenade spam. Can the 25% damage per second crit?
    -Wouldn't have any single target hatred generators

    3.) Replace Rain of Vengence with Fire Suport Ripid Fire
    -Unless Rain of vengence with beastly bombs will hit a solo boss target(boss with no adds) with all 20 bombs I have no single target hatred dumb
    -If rain of vengence with beastly bombs will hit a solo boss target(boss with no adds) with all 20 bombs that is 3000% damage for 40 hatred with a 30 sec cooldown
    -For 40 hatred rapid fire will pump out 1314% over 3 seconds with fire support and balistics passive, 100 hatred would be 3942% damage over 9 seconds.

    4.) Any idea what exactly custom engineering does to spike trap?

    5.) plan on using a 2h crossbow for the highest weapon damage for sentry, caltrops, spike trap, and rain of vengence. Sounds about right, right?
    Go ahead and say what you think, be mean even. It won't bother me.
  2. HardRock

    HardRock IncGamers Member

    May 4, 2009
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    Re: Traphunter build-> I want to hear ideas

    Good build and one that's very similar to what I plan to try in the final game.

    As it is, I think Scatter is completely useless. Spike Traps are free and barely have a cast time. A trapper build like this is probably much better off by choosing Bandolier, which enables better concentrated damage or more traps spread out over a larger area.

    Either Spike Trap has a duration not shown in its tooltip, or it had one in the past and the tooltip of Custom Engineering wasn't updated yet.

    That's what I would do as well.


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