trap sin question


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trap sin question

ok im just going to start to make a new trapper.

now im going to max LS/CBS/DS/ and possibly fire blast and dump some points to shadow master maybe along with the normal 1 point wonders and several points to mind blast if needed (may only stick with 1 point but need advice regarding this)

now im wondering for gear. would this be suficient for both PvP and PvM:

shako (socketed with ??)
BP enigma
arac belt
silkweaves boots (for extra mana...very willing to swap for better)
2x SoJ (NM andy has been so kind :grin: )
raven frost/dwarf/wisp in stash
mage fist/frost burns/trangs (still undecided as all have situational uses)
trap charms
assorted SC's for res (proberly not needed) and life


any advice on this?

im attempting to do low strength max vit with no blocking...but would blocking be advised for a trapper? been so long i cant remember if its better to hav eor not and just get minimum required strength and go nuts on life

Merc (holy freeze):
vamp gaze
eth infinity CA
ebugged fort (3.2k def :grin: )

thanks for all advice to the gear selection apart if its lacking same goes for skills



Silent Shaddow

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fire blast is used in pvm for light immunes
altho if ur bored it can do som pretty decent dmg... there is even a guide writen on using it....


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cos u loost res and FCR for teleporting and allows u to also have CtA/spirit on switch also

ive had +3 traps +3 lit sent/death sent/something else claws before with 2 sockets...and a +3 traps +3 lit sent with other mods. both socketed with 2 jewels each...

extra damage was nice. but trying to teleport away in PvP is too slow (u die cos of it alot of the time) and even in PvM with res all jewels in them i found hoto and spirit or even SS was far superiour in terms of shear flexability whilst having CtA/spirit on switch instead of a FCR switch that u need if ur claw/claw to spam mind blast. this set up u can mind blast like a mad man...and so what if ur attack speed is lower...thats why the sin has BoS. turn it on, throw traps, turn on fade if needed to override BoS. switch back to BoS if u need fast trap lay otherwise stick with fade and get max res easy as pie

but hey thats just me