Transferring items, cannot connect


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Transferring items, cannot connect

Anyone know exactly what the trigger for this is? will occasionally lock me out "cannot connect" when I change characters a lot (like when muling). Whenever it happens it will lock me out for 10 minutes, which is enough time to lose any items I was just transferring. Does it get triggered after a set number of swtiches over a period of time or what?


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weallcome to the forums :wink3:

it simply a restriction for keeping players from giving the servers to much stress, can be caused by switching chars fast, making many games fast, joining many games fast, being fast overall, servers not liking you or playing on the wrong dates (randomly generated in excel for each server)

ok, well I bet you can tell what parts of my answer are correct and made up :azn: hehe.
In short doing actions fast "outside" of games can cause it, be it creating games or switching chars.


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when muling items, go slow
wait 5secs between each action switching chars and accounts
and keep each mule in the game for atleast 30secs
dont worry, the game will stay open for around 5 minutes after each char leaves and items on ground take over 15min to dissapear

if you notice huge lag spikes or cant pick up items quickly, get out of dodge
pick up with all items you can carry because the server may be crashing soon
use the cursor to hold 1 extra item if necessary, go to next open char to get the rest

temp bans can last from 10min to several days


it actually doesn't matter how long you have been in a game, as long as you wait the 5 seconds after you exit the game before exiting fully to the character change screen. When you have changed characters, you can immediately join the game. You only need to wait 5 seconds every time you leave a game to avoid being tagged.