Transferring characters and atma stash to new PC


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Hey everybody! So I lost my laptop about a month ago, probably another fried GPU. But anyways, I do have atma and character files backed up onto a usb. Should be mostly up to date, as I believe I resaved after the last MFO and then finding my first Fathom not to long after.

So my questions are these. I have my newly built PC, first build!, and I bought a battle chest for D2... I will be playing on windows 10 now, as opposed to windows 7 before. My save files are from 1.13c and I was also using RWM. Now, I was thinking of jumping into 1.14 when I install because of the revised compatibility with this patch but am unsure if I can load the 1.13c save files directly into this patch (I am thinking it should be ok?).

Also, I remember only being able to find RWM for 1.13c. Would the 1.13c download for RWM work for 1.14 as well?
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Hi, welcome back :).

I'm using win10, patch 1.14d and RWM, so yes, that should work. You should be able to use the old save files by copying them into the appropriate folder. The only minor thing is that Diablo is using a different save path in 1.14, so you'll have to check where the files should go.