Transfer Group?


Transfer Group?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to start up a group that would help transfer for eachother, because it is seriously beginning to be a pain.


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i dont see why it would be a pain, i mean you just set up a game with a password, drop your items, dick around in it for 5 mins, doin some quest you didnt do yet or running some bosses, then at 5 mins you leave and come back with your character. IT'S THAT EASY,SUCKA!


I'm pretty trusting but I xfer stuff like grandfathers and bk rings, so I need someone with a relatively higher post count so they are more well known.


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Xerxxes said:
You can't keep a game up across accounts n stuff for long enough so no thanks.
The game should stay open for a couple of minutes... So unless you type your pass really slow :p I dont see the problem...
I have only lost items during single muling once, and that time the server went down bigtime :D



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the problem with muling atm is, that if you change characters too quickly, you get realm down message for ~10mins. and ofcourse your game expires during that period..

Stosh the Overseer

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Personally i think such a group could never exist ...
So another method than waiting the 5mins is to prepare the items your gonna drop in a game create a new one with a short name an easy to write (see yourself for the pass), once your in the game u hav 1min to drop the items and come back on game with another character (u can use the cube if u hav a lot of them, drop it while you have no more place left on character).You can use the tab button to switch fast from account/game name to pass, and enter to accept .
This technique can be dangerous when the realm has problems or if you hav this nasty error message when changing account, if this happens use the windows button or alt + tab to get out of diablo stop an relaunch internet connexion, back into diablo try again to go into game ...
It's no use to say you must be very fast and don't forget the game name or pass ! (this kind of stupid things do arrive).Try this out with low value items before, personnaly i have lost sometimes items for the different reasons on top, shaft was the most valueable, but believe me it is very rare !
Good luck mulling


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What realm, softcore or not, and ladder or no?

If it's Uswest Softcore Non-Ladder, you can message me to help if you want.
Make sure you only ask the account name below though, incase people start impersonating me, lol...


Most community forum people are pretty nice also, so maybe should have posted there instead of here.


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heh, wouldn't you trust someone more if they were from a different realm though? i have no use for items from west or europe, so it would be a huge waste of time to try and scam there.


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You never know...

Just like many of you will think that people won't bother to steal little things like Sigon's Armor, but it's happened before =/


I'm willing o do it, but obviously we need some kind of screening test to weed out the bad apples. I believe in helping people because it usually benefits you int he end.

Once I helped someone xfer like 26 SOJs back in 1.09. He was so happy that I didn't take any of them, that he gave me one in thanks! (not sur eif duped tho)


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I got tired of having to ask for help myself so I bought a second set of disc and just run 2 games now. Helps alot of pl'ing my new characters also:) Unfortunately alot of people don't have 2 computers so this isn't an option for them. I could help if ever needed (low post count) and just go run off into another act while you hide the stuff.


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If it's USWest softcore ladder you can message me to transfer if you want, it's a great idea I hope you get something going




I'm willing to help anyone in useast

I do a lot of MF runs, and usually need help moving the "keeper" items to a mule.

Mainly play ladder, but i have non-ladder guys as well.

I'm trustworthy... and will trust others (at least once).

Usually play: after 9pm central time (Houston)


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as long as i'm online, you can whisper me at *willhouse *captainchimp or *whmules on softcore uswest. i can make a hardcore char if people want to transfer there.


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I'm on USWest Ladder (I play only Ladder). Anyone who is need of a trustworthy partner for xfering, and even doing other things like MF runs, give me a whisper at *mrpipes.


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Erm, isn't the whole point behind Party play to eventually get some friends online? I have made multiple trustworthy friends on Bnet, and we help eachother out muling


Though i might add that my mule swaps are of a little more worth :)

But I also have a second computer, a 133 MHz 32 MB which barely runs Diablo. But it helps a lot in muling.


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Yes, but the point of Community forums is for that purpose too. That's why I think the original poster should have posted this in there, and not here in the Sorc forums, even though people here are helpful also. Anyways, I havent been to community forums for a while (lol), but I think that the people there are still as helpful as they used to be.

And Stiertje, what's your avatar of? lol, I can't make it out. Looks like a boy holding something. Is it a vaccuum? *confused*


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Xerxxes, the best way to find trustworthy people would be on the Trade forums here. I can only speak for The Europe Trade forum, but i really found that a good way to have some people help you transfering stuff.

There are alot of traders there that have been on that forum for a long while. The thing is Europe Trade Forum is practically drop-trade all the way except for when trading with some new posters ;)

when i need someone to help me transfer i holler out there. dunno about the other trade frousm though.