Trang's Belt/Gloves Combo


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Trang's Belt/Gloves Combo

Does anyone use these two items together? I am currently a CLvl 80 Fishymancer w/ +18 skills from gear.

I currently use Arachnid Mesh for it's +1 skill and Trang's Gloves for the FCR and +2 Curses.

So the way I figure it, if I went with Trang's Belt, I would be trading +1 Skill for:

Cannot be Frozen
+66 Life
20% Regenerate Mana
Lvl 35 Fireball (after skills from gear) This does ~500 fire damage

I have an Insight Merc so if my math is correct, (Conviction = -85% Resist & Baal = 50% Fire Resist), I recieve an extra 35% damage to fireball giving it about ~675 Fire Damage to Baal. Can someone verify if this is correct.

So my plan is while my minions are busy hitting Baal, I would be spamming him w/ Fireball for additional killing speed.

675 Fire Damage doesn't sound like a whole lot but I think when he is pounded with it w/o interruption (besides casting decep on him occasionally), I think the damage would become significant. Besides I think that the damage would greatly exceed the bonus damage my skeletons receive for the +1 skill Arachnid Mesh.

What do you guys think?


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Insight gives mana regeneration (meditation)
Infinity lowers resistance (conviction)

1. If you do not have Cannot be Frozen, get it somewhere. Trang Belt is a good option, Ravenfrost is probably best (still -1 skill, but you do not lose fcr, and you gain +20 dex)
2. +66 life isn't that much, about 120 after BO
3. 20% Regenerate mana vs increase max mana 5%
4. The damage from fireball isn't great, and even with non stop spamming, it will not speed up the killing that much.

IMO, get a ravenfrost and keep arachnid.