Trang set good enough for Fishymancer?


Trang set good enough for Fishymancer?

I made a Fishymancer in Multi-Player mode (I would have done it in Single Player and whatnot but it's too boring not having anyone to talk too). I have full Trang Set and Im wondering if its good enough for a Fishymancer? Im also using Arm of King Leroic alone with it, a +3 to summoning skills amulet, and a dwarf star and ravenfrost. Would full Trang be good enough with this setup? Just wondering. Thanks in advance for your opinions. (And any suggestions with my equipment would be nice too)



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General consensus is that full trangs set is most beneficial to a summoner or a venomancer or a hybrid of the 2. IIRC the fishymancer is a mostly a bonespell user. I'm sure you could work with trang's set. The biggest issue is the cast speed bug associated with the vampire transformation.


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IIRC, a fishymancer uses CB heavily between both him and his merc. But other then that is just a skellymancer.

So yes it would, but when you weapon switch to your phaser, you will lose the benefits of full trangs, unless you keep an extra trang head on switch.


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I'm going to go out on a limb and say personally that Trang's has become a Necromancer 'NO'. Why? When you have it fully equipped, not only can you be confused with a foe in a multiplayer game, but your casting rate goes WAY DOWN.

If you don't mind those two, eh, then go ahead. :sleep:

Oh, and a modest addition; having an extra shrunken head/totem will not fully alleviate the 'switching bug', for if I remember comments on game mechanics in regards to switching, the game momentarily 'removes' any and all benefits given by any held items, and then bestows what is then held after the switch.

Just an FYI.

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call me stupid but i have no idea what a fishymancer is. however, i do know that there is no reason to equip a ravenfrost and trangs belt at the same time unless you want the chill from the raven. they both have cannot be frozen. i would get something else for my ring slot if i planned on keeping the trang set