Trang-Oul's Set Item Values


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Trang-Oul's Set Item Values

I'm thinking of making a Poison Necromancer that uses the Trang set, or at least some of the pieces from it. Could someone tell me the approximate values for the items (Except the gloves and shield, which I have already) on USEast Nonladder? How much each item's worth in runes would be fine, but I'm not very experienced in trading so I would appreciate it a lot if you could list a couple items of about the same or similar value also for each set item.

Also, I found a Pul rune when I killed Baal on Nightmare. Does this rune have much trade value?


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You will get a much better response in the trade value forum. People go there to answer questions just like yours. I am on ladder, so I can't give values relative to what yours would be. But I can give relative rarity values within the trang set itself - it may be more applicable to non-ladder.

Least - Gloves and Armor
Most - Helm, Shield, Belt

As for pul, i know it has a much greater value on ladder, for the recipies. I don't know what it's worth on nonladder would be, especially because of the mass dupe.


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On ladder, I recently traded Trang's armour and shield for a 195% Titant's Revenge.
It made me very happy, since I find the armour about one every 15 or so Hell Mephisto runs, and the shield... I've found a few instances. Not nearly as common as the armour... But I seem to be rambling.
Anyway, you could definately get the armour, shield, and gloves for a Pul rune. The helm if you are lucky.