### Trading Rules - Version 1.2 - July 3rd 2012 ###

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These are the new trading rules, made by all trading mods together , released on July 3rd 2012. They are nearly identical on Europe and America. Please read all of them!

Please have a particularly close look at the rules about bumping and offerering items here and elsewhere at the same time.

Also, please check out the 'Trade rating how to and FAQ' here.

For a quick start, here's a summary:

  • No bumping within 24 hours. New, relevant information can be posted after 6 hours - usually (detailed informartion below).
  • Don't start more than 2 threads within 24 hours - usually (detailed information below).
  • Offers must be kept up for at least 12 hours - usually (detailed information below).
  • Post your trade in only one forum.
  • Once you have a deal, you cannot retract without the trade partner's consent (which he's free to give or refuse). There are no exceptions.
  • Don't trade anything which isn't allowed to be traded, e.g. items for real money.
  • Trade only for items in your personal possession.
  • If you see somebody violating the rules, please report the post.
  • If you aren't sure about something, ask the mods instead of just doing it.

There is no excuse for not reading the trade rules in full. If you have questions, PM the Moderator concerned before posting. Not knowing is no excuse!



Not having read these rules is no excuse if you happen to break them, and may get you banned, so make sure to read them in advance of posting.

DiabloII.Net forum rules – You’ll want to read this first (of course you already read it when you made your account right?)

Prefixes, exclusive threads

Please select a prefix for your thread, so people know if it's hardcore or softcore and whether your offer is made on this forum exclusively and nowhere else.

On thread creation, there are four prefixes to select from:

IncGamers Only, Softcore (shown in menu as "Softcore Trade Exclusive to Ingamers' Traders")
IncGamers Only, Hardcore (shown in menu as "Hardcore Trade Exclusive to Ingamers' Traders")

Exclusive threads are those with all offers being made only here. We have more relaxed rules regarding bumping and the amount of threads started within 24 hours. Non-exclusive threads are threads with stuff which is offered elsewhere as well. However, you may NOT post current offers from other places. Needless to say, cheating about this can have terrible consequences.

General rules:

  • Do not Flame. We want this forum to be as friendly as possible.
  • Do not post OT. This is a trading forum, the OT thread is stickied at the top.
  • Do not post price checks. There's a forum just for that here, the Trade Values Forum.
  • Do not hijack others threads for your own needs and requirements
  • Do not trade for friends. You may trade only items that are in your possession and for which you make the decisions. If your friends want to trade here they need to create an account for themselves.
  • Do not bump any post.
  • Use the “Report this post to a moderator” link at the top right of the post to report any posts that violate the rules
  • Tell the exact stats of the items you're selling.
  • You may offer an item for trade here and elsewhere at the same time. We do not assume any exclusivity for items listed here.
    Do not post here a Current Offer (C/O) from some other place (other web trade forum, BNet, etc). These trade forums are not to be used to advertise your trades there. Off-site offers will not be allowed to be included in this site's trade forums. The one exception to this policy is that you may feel free to mention that your item is listed in the BNet Diablo III GOLD Auction House. List the item's specific name and stats, level requirement, and any other info needed to be sure people know which item you are referring to. Listing items from the Real Money Auction House is, of course, prohibited.
    If you have an item listed here and you sell it elsewhere, please tell us (retract it) so you don't waste our time and yours. You still cannot retract a given word here and having sold it elsewhere is no excuse for doing that.
  • Please give your items a fair chance to be traded. If you are starting an exclusive thread, you have to wait for at least 12 hours before retracting an item from your list. Of course, you can decline any offer during these 12 hours, but your items are considered as still being offered, so you cannot offer them elsewhere during that time. Non-exclusive offers can be retracted at any time, as they might get sold at anytime elsewhere.
  • Tell where your items are from (traded, self-found etc.). People are going to ask this anyway.
  • When posting a trade, tell what you're looking for. "make offers" is not helping. Do us a favour and say what you need. Same goes when you're looking for items, state what you can offer.
  • All trades should be arranged inside threads (nowhere else, not even via PMs), before the deal occurs. After you have a deal, you can PM your trade partner to inform him, of course.
  • The same person posting threads successively (even with different items on them) is also considered bumping.
  • Generally, do not start more than 2 threads within 24 hours, that's considered as spamming. On top of them, you are allowed to start another two exclusive threads (see previous section for details about exclusive threads).
  • Do not, by ANY means, reopen a trade when you’ve made a deal. Sellers have all the power in the trade, they can accept or reject offers, not trade at all, repost items later, do whatever they please. So when you close a trade, stick to it. If you fast closed an item and then someone else offers more, it was the seller’s fault not to wait enough time, not the buyer’s fault. Buyers, after the deal is closed, must pay what was agreed too. You can ask the trade partner to allow a retraction (and perhaps offer a compensation), but if he insists on trading and you still refuse, it will lead to a permanent ban, even for trades of a low value.
  • All trades should be done inside threads. Reasons: we mods can’t control or see the fairness on trades done by other means, be them PMs sent between members, forum trades where the starting point was a thread here, or any other means. To make it easy on traders, I’d suggest that IF someone is contacted via PM or via bnet about any trade, you can even agree on it but use the threads to consolidate it before the trade is caried out. This keeps non-ETF scammers out, makes all the trades much more understandable and cleaner.
  • Do not ask for free items. You can offer items for free, however, but please don't offend people who already offered an item for a price because they are not as wealthy as you to be able to offer it for free.


As stated in the rules, bumping is not allowed. Bumping is posting for the purpose of bringing the thread to the top. This is often (but not always) done by making another posting right after one of yourself. Reposting a thread is also a kind of bumping, but in a broader sense. You have the ability to edit threads, so if your posting is the last one in the thread, any updates to your thread need to be done during this time by editing the existing post. If you need to do updates to your thread right after a posting of your own after this 1 hour period or if, it must be in concordance with the following rules:

  • Adding useful information: After 6 hours (only 3 hours for exclusive threads, see previous chapter)
  • Reposting a thread, partly or completely, the old one and all of the offers in it are cancelled (deals have to be fulfilled, of course): 24 hours after your last posting.
  • Bumping of any kind: After 24 hours (after 12 hours for exclusive threads, see previous chapter).

Any bumped thread will be locked, and 2 locked threads within 30 days for rules violations will get you a 3 day temp ban. Any locked post may not be reposted for at least 24 hours. You may not repost any thread or parts of it for at least 24 hours from your last post in it.

Trading of Services

The trading of services of the following kinds is allowed:

  • Rushes
  • Leveling
  • Boss killing
  • Crafting

Trading of any other services is not allowed by default, but maybe you have a good idea of your own. In that case, please ask the mods (i.e. Xora or me in this forum).

You are completely on your own with getting what you paid for It's a matter of trust!

Do Not Trade (DNT) List

  • Any hacked item, any duped item, any bugged item.
  • Items or services which involve the exploit of game bugs or glitches.
  • Battlenet accounts.
  • All non Diablo3 virtual items. You may not sell your items for real world money. No cd keys. No items from other games.
  • Items Acquired through the use of a bot, hack or any dupe method. We can't force anybody not to use hacks, cheats or bots, but if you are using them, you are not welcome in this forum, so stay out of here! If you use hacks and trade here, you will be banned permanently!

Offering or asking for items from the DNT list earns you a 3 day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second!

As always, if you get banned, even temporarily banned, and make a new account we will ban you again and also change the status of the temporarily banned account to permanently banned.
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Re: ### Trading Rules - Version 1.0 ###


Guidelines are NOT rules. They just try to come up with the best way of dealing with other people and trades. You CAN’T point people here and force them to comply with all guidelines. “Breaking†a guideline won’t imply directly on a permanent or even a temporary ban automatically. It can happen, but it’s not to be expected.

- Errors or bannable offenses by other poster(s) don’t mean you have the right to flame them. An error doesn’t justify another. Even when calling offenders to attention, keep your language and manners at least civil, no matter how right you think you are. Use the report post feature to warn mods about problems in trades instead of flaming or trolling in threads. Trolling in threads will give troubles to the troll as well as to the offender.

- Don’t use words like “goodlyâ€, “godlyâ€, “gosuâ€, l33t speak or any other slang or attitude when posting your items – this is one of the main reasons many people come to our trade forums.

- Try to post in proper English. We understand that most of the people here are not native English speakers so that doesn't mean perfect grammar or anything like that. However, using shortened speech where you constantly shorten words to single characters and similar things is horrible to read for everyone and especially for the majority of people here who are not native English speakers.

- Be civilized with your answers, whether you are the seller, buyer or someone who is participating in the thread. If someone might make an offer that is way too low for you, you can comment about it but don't start flaming or swearing and vice versa.

- Seller: unless you REALLY know what you’re looking for or you’re pretty desperate, try not to fast close any item you’re selling. Fast close deals are 99% of the time a bad deal for the seller. Be patient and you’ll get the right price for your item.

- Don't offer item valuations on items you are trading. If you're interested in an item, you're not trusted to be objective enough to give a fair price.

- Always. ALWAYS check if the battletag you’re trading with is an account posted on this thread link ---> ETF member contact information or exactly the one mentioned by the other party in the trade thread. Never trust someone who just contacts you on bnet claiming to be someone from forums unless you know for sure it is that person.

- Always report posts when you’re not sure whether you should or not. You can report a post by pressing the exclamation mark (!) above the post you want to report.

- Glossary:
  • BM: Bad Manners. Everything you shouldn't do, the behaviour you shouldn't have.
  • Bnet: normally mean when referring to Diablo3 when playing online (like: “I’ll meet you on bnetâ€).
  • Botter: someone who uses a third-party program to illegally hunt for items on the game.
  • Dupe: Duplicated Item (copied illegally or due to a bug)
  • Duper: someone who is dedicated to create duplicated items.
  • ETF: European Trade Forum (this is this forum, where you are reading this post)
  • l33t: Annoying internet slang used by clueless people.
  • n00b: l33t word used by the same clueless people with intention of flaming someone new to some kind of internet environment.
  • gosu, godly, goodly: feeble attempt on promoting an item used by unimaginative people who have problems writing normal English.
  • PC: Price Check. This means a trader wants to know how much something is worth.

Definition of FTs and Timing

FT is the abbrevation for fast trade (Note: That's only the case in Europe). However, FT only means that you have a deal on the spot if somebody makes the FT offer, not that the trade is actually to be performed quickly, although we agree that it would be good if it was like that. However, the problem with limited time on offers is that a trading party could simply go offline on bnet and let the trade fail if there already is a better offer. It would be hard to proove that the other party isn't online all the time.

Anybody is still free to impose conditions like a deadline on an offer, but if just something like "FT" is mentioned, it doesn't imply a deadline. It just means that you have a deal which each party is obliged to complete. Of course, you are still expected to perform the trade in a reasonable amount of time. That means you have to trade as soon as possible, but in case you cannot find a common time to meet, you have 72 hours to complete a trade. It's a good idea to agree on a date for trading in advance if timing is critical.

Rules and Reporting

If you see somebody violating the trading rules, there is nothing wrong with a short comment about it, but please don't make a sarcastic or cynical comment about it or. Report it by pressing the small "!" in a triangle below tha offending posting. Also, please don't make predictions about a particular behaviour from us, that will just lead to flames. What happens in such a case is solely our decision and within our responsibility.

In case of issues which can be fixed by the seller himself, inform him about it in a polite manner.

A few things to add:

Don't expect the mods to act when you make a deal and any kind of accident occurs. That's your risk!

There is a consensus among the mods not to arrange trades, so if you don't trust your trade partner, find a forum member to act as such. Also, the mediator is in no way responsible for poofed items, crashed games or any other loss of items. It's a matter of trust with respect to the mediator. Needless to say, it might be hard to find somebody who is willing to mule back and forth huge amounts of items.

If you get scammed, you need watertight proof to make us act on itt. Forwarded PMs from them aren't enough, as they can be faked. You can report other people's PMs as well, however. Just saying that you have been scammed might make us raise an eyebrow, but nothing else will probably happen.

Be careful !


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Re: ### Trading Rules - Version 1.2 (July 3rd 2012) ###

Latest changes:

May 27th 2012:

  • You are allowed to trade items which are bought for real world money. However, if Blizzard decides not to implement RW money auctions, that will change again.
  • Mention of zod bugging removed.

June 3rd 2012:

  • DNT list now mentions items and services involving game bugs.

June 17th 2012:

  • Trading of services.
  • Short summary of trading rules.

July 3rd 2012:

  • Exclusive/non-exclusive trades.
  • Decreased timeout on bumps with no new information
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