Trading on ladder is at all-time low!


Trading on ladder is at all-time low!

Not on forums ;). But trade channels and forums have been difficult trading items!

Example: I have vex, mal x2, ist x2 and looking for some decent offers. Not even getting close to decents offers :p. Hellrack, buriza and a couple of el, ith, eld runes for your Ist and Io! I was literally speechless.... "You have 2 ists, I need those bad man."

Another example: Trading azurewrath for offers. Lem+ko+shael+pul+40 P gems. I was like.... wtf? Finally, I got IK armor for it.

I see games like "tal armor for soj" or tal armor for 2 ist."

I got like my 5th occy the other day from meph and decided to try and trade it. Good luck with that! ;) Occy=UM on Uswest ladder so I decided to try and trade it for UM. Sorcs always need occy, eschuta's temper, death's fathom or some l33t sorc orb. The offers were terrible and all I got was the same "I need that really bad." Hello! I need etheral colossus blade, 5 Ohm runes, 4 sojs, Jah x2, ber x2, all on ladder and do you see me begging for those?

Get off your rear and go mf! :teeth: People come in trade games all the time and offer crap for items or simply beg. I know trade values are always screwed up sometimes but a buriza, hellrack, and windhammer are not going to get you Ist and Io!


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don't you just love it though when they start to fill up the trade screen with items that you sell to the merchants once you find em.....


Just tell them no thanks and move on. It's not like we all have the trade value memorized. And in fact the trade values aren't set in stone my friend once traded isenhart's set for a bartucs.


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Ferrous said:
Be kind. We all aren't so fortunate
Great answer :clap: . Last night I made in normal a game called "low trade" (playing in Europe). Gathered some of my decent items (hellrack, ali baba,gravepalm,stormspire, visceratuant, bloodletter, much rares ….), hoping that none of those “show off†people will come and do to me a well known “performance†(I am tired of them). To me it doesn’t matter what item you have, if you are a low level character it’s quite normal that you have low quality items. This is much natural to me (remember always that we were all once starters). Always helping players in their builds, quests and giving to low level characters free items. Hoping that I will find a interesting item to trade (to have uber or godly items is not that much of any essence or life meaning to me as it is for these …. ) . Trade some off my “high end†items with some items that I know are much “under†but they are very interesting and they could be quite “handy†in some situations to me. I was very satisfied (they were more, some of them were thrilled, I am happy if they are) as I filled my collection of various and to me useful items. Then a peacock joined into the game, it all went something like this:
He: hi
Me: hi
He: show
Me: *displaying items*
He: lol
Me: lol for what?
He: *displaying items* (enigma, breath of the dying, bramble, oculus, buriza, vex, cham ….you named it he has it)
He: you know what?
Me: what?
He: you can take your s..t and throw it away

I am so tired (don’t want to use any harder words as I know I will be banned from these forums :rant: ) of these “players†and I don’t feel good after I meet some them. Especially since I see more and more created games such as: teach u 2 dupe. Maybe he bought it on Ebay (he earned the $ of course) and now he is doing some “lol’s†to me :scratch: . I will never join a hell trade game.

Sorry for any spell mistakes


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On Ladder, people want the best value for there items. In 1.09, if you were patient you could always rip someone off. Now everyone is holding there items as tight as they can.


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I have 2 complete IK sets.....1 I use and the other is just sitting on a mule......can't seem to get anyone interested in trading for it on USwest


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The rune dupe pretty much ruined the market. Trying to trade 'average' items such as Lightsaber, hellrack, Bstar and Bartucs is a joke. Its all about rune/runewords now - somethin yer average person isn't gonna have much of. They should make a seperate channel for anyone carrying ist runes on up - let them battle out trades there.