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Forum Name: Yann

Date: 30 March 2017

Versions Played (All in LoD, I don't play Classic):
  • 1.07
  • 1.09b or d (planned, no character yet)
  • 1.10a and s (planned, no character yet)
  • 1.13d (planned, no character yet)

Mod Status:

  • ATMA for muling/stashing items (will use GoMule once I get to 1.13)
  • modified d2gfx.dll for running multiple instances
  • Bliss version switcher (installed in advance, don't use versions other than 1.07 yet)

HC/SC Status:
  • HC

Other Information:
  • I plan to make use of time traveled items
  • I plan to hot mule Gheed's Fortune once I get to a patch that has Gheed's
  • I plan to use RWM/RRM once I get to 1.10 and later
  • I have HF/Larzuk rushed and will continue to do so
  • I have never ATMA-bugged an item and probably never will, but I don't mind if you have
  • I haven't made HC->SC transfers and won't since I don't play SC. I don't mind if you transfer items to SC, but I'd prefer for you to play HC instead :p
  • I used to play HC LoD on the realms a lot (1.09, 1.11-1.13). Had not played D2 for years until I restarted in SP.

Probation Period Status: FTS
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