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Forum Name: XyleneCyanol
Date: 27th August 2015
Versions Played:
- Mainly 1.13d
- Now also 1.14d but well separated from 1.13d (i.e no 1.13d to 1.14d).
- I'm planning to play 1.07, 1.10a and 1.10s
- I only play Expansion, no Classic.
Mod Status:
- RWM for 1.13d, both vanilla and RWM for 1.14d.
- I also have a non-forum allowed mode in 1.13, but it is well-isolated from my 1.13d RWM.
HC/SC Status:
- SC ONLY for 1.13d, with a lot of items transferred from HC.
- Both SC and HC for 1.14d.
Other Information:
- I play strictly self found, just to create this profile to participate MFO.
- I mostly use GoMule for muling.
- I occasionally use ATMA for ebugging.
- I'm okay with ATMA ethereal bugged item.
- I use Bliss Version Switcher.
- I do HC to SC item transfer.
- I do hot muling for Gheed's.
- I don't do HF rush, but I'm completely fine with it.
- I don't do singling, but I'm completely fine with it.
Probation Period Status: Probation
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