Trader Profile - Tnuc Gnirobal - Probation

Tnuc GniRobal

Diabloii.Net Member
Forum Name: Tnuc Gnirobal

Date: June 22nd 2017

Versions Played: 1.12, 1.14d

Mod Status: RWM

HC/SC Status: Both

Other Information: Iv never traded on my SP account. 99% of my items are from 1.12 but have all been moved to 1.14d. The remaining 1% of items were found by me in 1.14d. Im ok with time traveled items. I use ATMA. Im fine with atma bugging but have never done it myself. I do not HF rush myself or use version switchers but will trade with those who do. I will trade HC to SC.

Probation Period Status: NTPP