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Trader Profile Template

Discussion in 'Trader Profiles' started by Thyiad, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Thyiad

    Thyiad Moderator Single Player, D2 Assassin, Barbarian

    Mar 3, 2006
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    Trader Profile Template

    You must have a Profile here before you trade

    This is a convenient reference. It does not replace making proper enquiries of your trade partners.

    Read the Trade Rules then post your profile with as much detail as possible. If unsure - PM a Moderator before posting. You must have a profile posted here in this forum; older profile threads are too out of date.

    • Use the blank template for your profile - do not copy others' you may be copying their mistake but you WILL get your own infraction/ban
    • Put in as much detail as possible. See the profiles of both Moderators for examples. Generally the more detail the profile, the better the trader
    • Update your profile if you make any changes (eg extra versions, alter mod status)
    • Put today's date in the format of 2 June 2009 do not use only numbers (British and Americans use different number formats).
    • List any mods you use here. Do NOT put FAM here, individually list which mods you hve installed (EG RWM/RRM)
    • Status is Probation or Full Trade. Do NOT put "cannot trade for one week" in here. Put Probation and it will not need to be updated in one week.
    • If you aren't sure PM a Mod for advice after reading the Trade rules
    • Profiles of members who haven't logged in for a while are removed. Check regularaly to make sure yours is still here
    • Incorrect profiles will be deleted. It is therefore YOUR responsibility to check your profile. You WILL recieve an infraction/ban for trading either without a profile or with an incorrect profile.

    Trader profile template

    Please use this blank template - do not copy others' you may be copying their mistake but you WILL get your own infraction/ban

    Please put Probation in the title if you are a Probation Trader

    EG Trade Profile - Thyiad - Probation

    Forum Name:
    Versions Played:
    Mod Status:
    HC/SC Status:
    Other Information:
    Probation Period Status:

    Profile deletions

    Incorrect trade profiles will generally be deleted on sight. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you post correctly.
    Probation profiles older than three months will be deleted. It is in your interest to update from Probation to FTS when it becomes available to you.
    All traders (including FTS) who haven't logged in for approximately four months will be deleted.

    You may repost your profile if any of the above happens. The aim is to keep the trader list current and with uptodate information. A post from five months ago is unlikely to be that!
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