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Forum Name: Royaumm
Date: 11/19/17
Versions Played: 1.14d
Mod Status: GoMule only
HC/SC Status: SC
Other Information:
New to forums. Trying to start trading. I have a holy grail sorc that hit 99 so im full of single player items atm and mostly want to trade for things like pgems to craft with my first ever lvl 99! I have some really gg items and ofc i kept all the garbage lol so I have quite the selection. My best items are probably my charms I rerolled from baal (mostly skillers), Windforce, Facets (light and psn), Some nice blood rings, grifs helm, coa, pretty much all the uniques!

The uniques I am missing are: Tyreals might, Deaths fathom, Earthshifter, and mang songs staff

not all of these are FT and I have very few perfect rolls but I would be willing to trade most of it and I do have a lot of duplicates

Probation Period Status: Probation