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Forum Name:
Date: August 18, 2014
Versions Played: 1.13d/1.07
Mod Status: FAM
HC/SC Status: HC (SC only for PVP)
Other Information:
- I have hotmuled gheed's charms.
- I'm a fully HC player, I have one SC character used for PVP and that character/stashes are kept separately to avoid intermingling items.
- I mainly play 1.13d, I have played 1.07 up through Normal mode and plan to continue further.
- I have used items forwarded from 1.07 in 1.13d
- I use Go Mule for muling purposes (Atma for 1.07)
- I have used the multi instance .dll

Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status

Updated: August 18,2014 to restore trader profile after forum move.