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Forum Name: mjs1
Probation Period Status: Probation
Date: 22 November, 2016
Versions Played: 1.14d
Mod Status: GoMule, RWM
HC/SC Status: SC and HC

Other Information: I played Diablo 2 in high school when it first came out, and I recently started playing again this summer for old time's sake. I downloaded the game on my Macbook and updated it to v. 1.14d, and I decided to play Single Player. I don't use any modifications apart from Rune Word Mod and GoMule.

I currently have several high-level softcore characters, including a lvl. 96 magic-finding lightning sorceress, a lvl. 94 magic-finding blizzard sorceress, a lvl. 90 lightning/frozen orb sorceress, a lvl. 90 throwing barbarian, a lvl. 90 javazon, a lvl. 90 whirlwind barbarian, a lvl. 90 trapsin, a lvl. 90 bowazon, a lvl. 90 werewolf druid, a lvl. 90 poisonmancer, a lvl. 90 paladin, and a lvl. 90 kicksin.

I also play some hardcore. I have a lvl. 90 magic-finding fireball/frozen orb sorceress, a lvl. 90 zeal paladin, and a lvl. 90 barbarian.

I am in search of an *ethereal vortex shield* or *ethereal zakarum shield* for Exile runeword, an *ethereal sacred armor*, an *ethereal Templar's Might*, an *ethereal (and/or six socketed) war pike*, *Tyrael's Might*, a *+1 Javelin and Spear skills charm* (Amazon), *Wisp Projector ring*, *+1 Poison and Bone Spells charm* (Necromancer), and *Mara's Kaleidoscope amulet*.


Some of my better items for trade include the following:

Sets — Immortal King full set (Barbarian), Tal Rasha's Wrappings full set (Sorceress), M'avina's Battle Hymn full set (Amazon), Aldur's Watchtower full set (Druid), Natalya's Odium full set (Assassin), Trang-Oul's Avatar full set (Necromancer), Bul-Kathos' Children full set

Runes — a handful of medium to high level runes (I just found a Jah a couple days ago!), and some good rune words

Crafted — crafted caster amulets, great crafted melee gloves and rings

Charms — Gheed's Fortune (x9) (between 22–40%), +1 Lightning Skills (x3) (sorceress) charm, +1 Cold Skills (x2) (sorceress) charm, +1 Fire Skills (sorceress) charm, +1 Bow and Crossbow (amazon) charm, +1 Passive and Magic Skills (amazon) charm, +1 Traps (assassin) charm, +1 Martial Arts Skills (assassin) charm, +1 Summoning Skills & +39 life (necromancer) charm, +1 Curses (x2) (necromancer) charm, +1 XXX, +1 Combat Skills (barbarian) charm, +1 Combat Masteries (barbarian), +1 Shouts (barbarian), +1 Combat Skills + life (x2) (paladin), +1 Passive and Magic (amazon) charm; Reset Stats/Skills T (x4)

Uniques — Windforce, Griffon's Eye, Death's Web, Andariel's Visage (x2; 1 is ethereal), Boneflame, Ondal's Wisdom, Kira's Guardian, Shadow Dancer, Crown of Ages (1 socket), Steel Pillar, Tomb Reaver (1 OS), Arachnid Mesh (x2), Homunculus (x4), Arreat's Face, Alma Negra, Herald of Zakarum (x2; both upgraded to Zakarum Shield and 1 socketed with an Um rune), Halaberd's Reign, Giant Skull, Vampire Gaze (x4) (1 is ethereal), String of Ears (x11, including a 15% damage reduction upgraded to arachnid mesh), Skulder's Ire (x3) (1 socketed with PerfTopaz), Skin of the Vipermagi (x7), Stormshield (x4; 1 socketed with Um), Harlequin Crest (x3) (1 socketed with PerfTopaz, 1 ethereal), War Traveler (x3) (30%, 42%, and 48% MF), Chance Guard's (x4; 40%, 39%, 37%, and 35% MF), Shaftstop (x5), Leviathan (x2), Gore Rider (x4), Titan's Revenge (x3), The Reaper’s Toll (x3), The Oculus (x5), all of the unique assassin blades (x3), Grandfather, Thunderstroke (x2), Stone of Jordan (x3), Crescent Moon (x4), Highlord's Wrath (x2), Nagelring (x2; both 30% MF), The Rising Sun, The Cat's Eye (x3), Saracen's Chance (x2), Ravenfrost (x6), Nature's Peace (x3), Metalgrid, Carrion Wing (x2), Seraph’s Hymn (x3)

Rares — Havoc Grip Ring: +105 to Attack Rating, dual leech (5% mana, 3% life), +15 to Dexterity, +40 to Mana

Socketed — a variety of elite socketed items, both normal and ethereal
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