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Apologies! Multiple tabs open and this ended up being posted in the main trade forum instead of the profile subforum, sincere apologies in advance for it having to be deleted/moved.

Forum Name: GildedSun
Date: 3rd May 2016
Versions Played: 1.14d
Mod Status: RWM
HC/SC Status: SC
Other Information:

Was a regular trader here back in 2009-12, years later I'm back here with a fresh start character and stash, starting from the bottom (multiple moves and computers and hard drives seem to have left my previous characters and items lost to time from the ~1.10-1.13 era).

I may hotmule Gheed's, and don't mind if you do.

I use GoMule and Rune Word Mod.

Probation Period Status: FTS
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