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Forum Name: Excalibur
Date: 6 July 2012

Versions Played: 1.13D // I recently updated to 1.14D
Mod Status: RWM
HC/SC Status: SC only

Other Information:
- I use Atma and Gomule for Mulling.
- I don't have a problem with Cube Bug Items.
- I don't have a problem with the Atma bug.
- I don't have a problem with Time travel items.

Probation Period Status: FTS
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Hey guys,

Here's another Diablo fan! I started playing Diablo from classic. When I managed to get the expansion pack, I quickly upgraded and each time a patch was available I always sticked to it. My early characters were kind of useless. Too many bad decisions, always getting all the skills and putting an enormous amount of strength even on casters. All my characters ended up of being deleted each time I was about to un-install the game.

When I got a better knowledge on the game, I decided to start again fresh and nice! I was doing just fine but there was still something that made me quit Diablo each time. The fact that it was pretty boring when I had completed the difficulties. I kept farming with my characters but I could never find good gear and I was extremely disappointed when I managed to find Set and Unique items that could be used on another characters. I was always keeping them but after a point there was no more room. I didn't want to sell those items but I couldn't pick up any more. And this was basically the reason I was deleting and starting Diablo all over again.

After some nice finds I convinced my self that there should be a way to transfer items from character to character. I started desperately looking for a way to do it when I ended-up with ATMA. I don't know why I never bothered for searching something like this before, perhaps I assumed such a utility never existed or maybe the fact that I don't want to mess up with secondary softwares and ruin the official version of the saved files. But Atma was not such a utility that would interfere with your Save files. After that I eventually find the real meaning of playing Diablo and having the joy of sharing and transferring items from character to character. ATMA saved me for good and gave me a reason to start playing Diablo forever.

The Rune Word Mod was another interesting discovery. Again it didn't change the version of your save files and I was perfectly happy using it. The game quickly became much much more interesting to me and gave to it an unlimited endurance in time.

Soon after I also started Trading here. Trading on SP is something I wouldn't imagine being done. Although I never really wanted to start messing with it, the lack of time forced me to do so. Being self found was always a "safe" bet that everything on your character is clear and legal and of course that you have managed to build your own character with your own finds. On the other hand, as said before, those who lacked time could possibly never enjoy the full joy of Diablo. Getting the high-end items and high runes would require an extraordinary amount of time who many weren't able to spend. Being in that position myself I decided to start trading. The game became quite easier since you could acquire sometimes items that simply would never drop for you. It also became much more interesting since many items that were sitting in your stashes for ever suddenly acquired a value and items that you could possibly farm for ever could be traded.
High Runes

My self-found high runes! Some are very old find and unfortunately I didn't keep Screenshots. I've also lost the Screenshots of a few too.

Ohm (Travincal)
Ohm (The Worldstone Keep Level 2)
Lo (Frigid Higlands)
Sur (Drifter Cavern)
Sur (Bonesaw Breaker)
Sur (Mausoleum)
Sur (pindle)
Jah (Cows)
Jah (The Worldstone Keep Level 3)
Cham (Countess Minions)
Cham (WK)
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Trading History

Toxy FTW
• 60 PGems - 2 Skillers
• Fungal Skiller, War Travelers, 65 Pgems - Two Lighting Skillers, Enchuta's
30 Pgems + 15 Rals - 2 Harponist Skillers

Demon Machine - 15 Pgems
Trangoul's Claws & Blockborg's Sharp - 20 Pgems
Archon plate, Rare Circlet, Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye - Chilling Skiller

40 Pgems & 5 Junk Jewels - Verdungo's & Pul

Sur & 3 Items - Gul + Vex + Vex + Ohm
55 Pgems, 20 Rarls, 3 Ums, 2 Mals - Perfect Nagelring, Chance guards, x11 Plain 7% Mf Sc
Ethereal Armor + Ist - Enchuta's Temper + Javazon Gloves
Vex + Ist + Eth Armor - Death's Fathom

Skiller & 180 Pgems - 7 Fungal Skillers + 7 Mf Charms

20 Pgems - Honcubus
40 Pgems - Fungal Skiller
6% mf / 10 LR SC + 15 Pgems - Highlord's Wrath + Raven Frost + Skiller
Eth Skullder's Ise - Cow King Horns
4os 12% ED Dusk Shroud + x2 SC mf - Mal

x2 Guls + x2 Mals + x2 Ums - Cub Bugged 4os Sacred Targe (+43 all Resist)

Free Ethereal Shaftop

Ist - Highlord's Wrath
20 Pgems - Honcubus

• 15 Pgems - 4os Monarch
• 15 Pgems - 4os Monarch

Small Charms of Life/Mana (17/7, 20/16, 11/10, 17/10) + Rare Coronet - Vex + x3 Gul + x3 Ist + x3 Mal
Gul - Mara's
Gul - Amazon Skillers + Highlord's Wrath
Free Grand Matron Bow

Ohm - Griffon's Eye
x2 Um + 20 Pgems - Fungal Skiller + Chilling Skiller
30 Pgems - Cat's eye
20 Pgems - Ethereal Ettin axe
Trap skiller of Life - Vex
Few Magic Find Small Charms - Crafted Necro amulet
30 Pgems - Assasin Gloves
60 Pgems + Token - 45% Res Pala Shield
Token + Essences - Ethereal War Pike
Token - Atma's Scarab
Cold Facet + 2 Tokens - Eth Gaurdian Angel

Big Trade! (involves Jah Rune)


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