Trader Profile - EatSleepDiablov2


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Versions Played:

- 1.07
- 1.10
- 1.13
- 1.14

Mod Status:

- RWM in 1.10+

HC/SC Status:

- SC Mostly

Other Information:

- I played extensively until 2012, achieving a lvl 99 toon and -1 grail (grrr Tyraels)
- I restarted over the last 2+- months, with new characters untwinked, excepting a 1.07 sorc to run LK
- I time traveled to 1.07 once upon a time to rack, and have/will continue to forward certain items
- I have hot muled Gheed's and will do so again
- I have ATMA-bugged items in the past, but not certain about the future

Probation Period Status:
As far as I know, Full Trade Status. I cannot find my old profile, but I never had issues before.

Aside from a 1.09 Ravenclaw from Robby in 2011+- that I no longer use, I am self found and have no wish to trade.