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Forum name: dkn
Date updated: July 20th, 2019
Date updated: August 18th, 2019

Versions Played
[1.13D (2010) 1.14D (2019) SC FAM]

- Majority of items are self-found (95%+) minus some I found while playing with another forum member in 2011 en route to our first Guardians. Also did a few trades and got a few gifts from forum members
- The person I played with, those I traded with, and those that gifted me items had Trader Profiles and were FAM as well
- All items from 1.13D and onward
- I use GoMule
- I am creating this profile to trade and to MP with others as well as possibly play in tournaments
- I joined the forum in 2011 and played on/off for a couple of years. I recently (July 2019) found my old PC and started playing again. I updated from 1.13D to 1.14D when I connected my old PC to the internet
-*As of August 18th, 2019 I have quit playing HC. I migrated a few items from HC to SC*
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