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Forum Name: DiabloTwoinDC
Date: Oct 18, 2015
Versions Played: 1.07, 1.09, 1.10s, 1.13d, 1.14d
Mod Status: Atma, Gomule, RWM for 1.10s and 1.13d
HC/SC Status: SC + HC
Other Information: Time travel items forward.
Probation Period Status: FTS

1.13 -> 1.14 Transition:
Since I've begun trading for 1.14 items (in preparation for updating), I'll explain in case anybody is concerned.
  1. I have been/am using ATMA for 1.13d characters and stashes (kept in ATMA directory).
  2. Items from 1.14 that I've traded for are kept in GoMule directory (which I haven't even started using yet).
There is no ATMA link to those GoMule/1.14 stashes, and likewise no GoMule link to the ATMA/1.13 stashes. So, no way for me to accidentally cross-contaminate between patches. As it stands, I haven't done anything in 1.14 yet. Characters haven't been played, and the stashes I'm trading for are just getting parked in GoMule directory.


Update 01-08-2019:
I'm 'updating' all my 1.13 characters/stashes. Everything will now get moved to GoMule and 1.14d stashes. I've left the description of how I handled everything just in case anybody has issues with it.

Update 11-27-2019:
I've started playing some HC, but intend to play only untwinked. So, I will have plenty of extras for trade/giveaway. Not looking to trade for anything in HC though.
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