Trader Profile - Cyrax


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Seems like my old trade thread has finally disappeared. Luckily i saved the info so i could paste it here (checked and all info is still valid). So putting this up again for the MFO.

Forum name: Cyrax

Date: August 23th 2015
Versions played:
- 1.11b -> 1.13d RWM SC & HC (all items moved up with the patches)
- 1.09 vanilla SC (only a bit, no items forwarded)
- 1.07 vanilla SC (only a bit, forwarded a couple of items to 1.13d)
Mod status: See above.
HC/SC: Mostly SC, also see above.
Other information:
- I have never MP'd with anyone.
- I play selffound so no possible taint from trading.
- HC and SC items are kept separate at all times
- I have ATMA-bugged items.
- I have hotmuled gheeds.
- I have not HF-rushed.
- I have never traded, but have participated in a giveaway (giving away, not receiving).
- This profile is only put up to be able to participate in the MFO.
Trade status: Full trade status

Update: Recently started MPing. For the characters that i had the above is still true. They are SP characters and will remain that way.
For MPing i've started a seperate char and stash (likely to expand to multiple of both later ). For this the following holds up:

Versions played: 1.13d RWM HC
Mod status: See above
Other information: Intention is to get into trading when i get something worth to do so. Haven't traded yet, but i did receive some (twinking) items from other players.
Trade status: FTS