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[1.14d HC FAM FTS]
[1.14d SC FAM FTS]
[1.07 HC FAM FTS]

Forum Name:
Date: March 10, 2018
Versions Played: 1.14d/1.07
Mod Status: FAM
HC/SC Status: HC (SC only for PVP)
Other Information:
- I have hot muled Gheed's charms.
- I am tainted by the HC>SC transfer.
- I have an ATMA Bugged item; an eth, oath-bugged scourge with HotO in it.
- I play HC almost exclusively.
- I have several SC characters for PVP and a couple PvM chars as well.
- I keep HC and SC stashes separate.
- I mainly play 1.14d. I have played 1.07.
- I have used items forwarded from 1.07 in 1.14d.
- I use Go Mule for muling purposes (Atma for 1.07).
- I use Bliss Version Switcher

Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status

[1.14d HC FAM FTS]
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