Trader Profile - Baltha (FTS)


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Forum Name: Baltha
Date: 23/7/18
Versions Played: 1.09d, 1.13c, 1.14d
Mod Status: FAM (GoMule, RWM, multiple instances)
HC/SC Status: both, no transfers
Other Information:
- I have hot muled Gheed's and will do so again
- I have HF rushed in the past
- I have traded for and used items from earlier versions, namely 1.07 mavina's tenet, 1.09 ravenclaw and mpk ring
- I have started a new untwinked sorc this summer, that's why you can see me trading for basic stuff in one thread and high end items on another.
Probation Period Status: FTS (previous profile lost in forum migration)
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