hi guys,

can someone tell me why do ppl usually make games called "trades"?

do they know that items there are not duped?? its somewhat risky right?

appreciate the help.


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People only dupe runes and perfect CoAs (and maybe a few toher things, whatever). Risky? If you are that scared of duped runes you should be playing single player.


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If you want to trade, you have to assume that pretty much every high end item out there is a dupe. If you do that, then you will not get disappointed when they poof.


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The only risk in those games may be scammers, bad manners from people, and the overall feeling that your items are worth nothing.
For the rest I dont think there s any risk in those games, usually what you do there is show some random items in the trade screen (uniques, rares, etc) and then the other person does the same or simply quits the screen without a word. Sometimes someone will tell you they need your item/s and so you get to choose from theirs and vice versa.
As long as you stay away from bugged/glitched items and in some cases some perfect itmes, SoJs and high runes, facets, and some jewels with perfect mods then you should be safe from dupes.


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Watch out for scams.

Especially the putting the enigma in the window, then saying hold on let me make room and putting a leather armor back in and hitting trade fast.