Trade Thread 02-02-2004


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Trade Thread 02-02-2004

The old one can be found here

ISO (1.10 sc):

Tomb Reaver (2-3 sockets)
Harlequin Crest
mana steal ring w/mf
+Warcry Skills GC w/2nd mod
+Bow Skills GC
+Elemental Skills Druid GC
PSapphires/Ort runes

For Trade:

Gheed's Fortune (35% mf), Gheed's Fortune (30% mf) Homonculus, The Spirit Shroud, Ume's Lament, more...
Angelic Wings, Dark Adherent, IK Forge, more...
(I'm also unloading my 1.09 Sets stash if anyone wants it; mostly low-mid stuff)

+Combat (Barb)/1-2 cold dmg
+Warcry (Barb)
+Shapeshifting (Druid)
+Summoning (Druid)
Bronze Grand Charm of Maiming: +32 AR/+19 Max Dmg
Stalwart Grand Charm of Winter: +100 Def/5-11 Cold Dmg
Shocking Large Charm: 1-90 Lightning Dmg
Small Charm of Vita: +20 life (x3)
Sapphire Small Charm of Strength: +11 Cold Res/+1 Str
Shimmering Small Charm of Shock: +5 Res All/1-5 Ligh. Dmg
Shimmering Small Charm: +5 Res All

+14 Resist All
+10 Resist All
+23 Max Dmg.

Lum, Ko, Fal, Lem

email [email protected]


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Trade list

Arachnid Mesh - Spiderweb Sash
Atma's Wail - Embossed Plate
Bartuc's Cut-Throat - Greater Talons
Black Hades - Chaos Armor
Blackhand Key - Grave Wand
Blackhorn's Face - Death Mask
Bloodtree Stump - War Club
Bonehew - Ogre Axe
Boneshade - Lich Wand
Buriza-Do Kyanon - Ballista
Chromatic Ire - Cedar Staff
Cliffkiller - Large Siege Bow
Corpsemourn - Ornate Plate
Crescent Moon - Amulet
Crown of Thieves - Grand Crown
Eschuta's Temper - Eldritch Orb
Ethereal Edge - Silver-edged Axe
Grim's Burning Dead - Grim Scythe
Headstriker - Battle Sword
Hellrack - Colossus Crossbow
Jade Talon - Wrist Sword
Kuko Shakaku - Cedar Bow
Lidless Wall - Grim Shield
Lightsabre - Phase Blade
Lycander's Flank - Ceremonial Pike
Moser's Blessed Circle - Round Shield
Nagelring - Ring
Pus Spitter - Siege Crossbow
Radament's Sphere - Ancient Shield
Rune Master - Ettin Axe
Sandstorm Trek - Scarabshell Boots
Soul Drainer - Vambraces
Shadow Killer - Battle Cestus
Razortail - Sharkskin Belt
Skull Collector - Rune Staff
Spineripper - Poignard
Steel Shade - Armet
Stoneraven - Matriarchal Spear
Stormshield - Monarch
Stormspike - Stiletto
Swordguard - Executioner Sword
The Gladiator's Bane - Wire Fleece
The Minotaur - Ancient Axe
Thunderstroke - Matriarchal Javelin
Viperfork - Mancatcher

Aldur's Rhythm - Jagged Star
Dangoon's Teaching - Reinforced Mace
Immortal King's Stone Crusher - Ogre Maul
M'avina's Tenet - Sharkskin Belt
Natalya's Shadow - Loricated Mail
Natalya's Totem - Grim Helm
Ondal's Almighty - Spired Helm
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer - Cryptic Sword
Whitstan's Guard - Round Shield
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth - Mesh Belt
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest - Death Mask


Stats will be provided if requested


Ethereal Hone Sundan with 195+ed%


Lots of PGems

Jewels with 35+ed% and second mod if possible or 15% res all

I will accept other offers as well.


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Vajar said:
Is this correct? Or do you mean +1 Max Damage?
It is correct. I found it in 1.09 (or 1.08 I can't remember) with my old 2-hander barb, Grinder. I haven't found anything like it since either.


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Shivan said:
you probably found it in 1.07
only time they existed
When I racked in 1.07 I got couple of those too:

Sapphire Grand Charm of Quality
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 22
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x14a7a095
GUID: 0xde8cec0d 0x17941b47 0x0
+12 to Maximum Damage
Cold Resist +35%

Small Charm of Maiming
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 43
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 93
Fingerprint: 0x49e1f997
GUID: 0x1521cdd 0xc0ece55b 0x0
+6 to Maximum Damage

Jagged Large Charm of Quality
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 30
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: 91
Fingerprint: 0x4efe5b96
GUID: 0x8b85aa19 0xa4353443 0x0
+9 to Maximum Damage

I'm pretty happy with them! :D

Now the usuall pointless offer:

========================= 1.10 =========================
ISO the usuall Grail stuff + few other things...

Some of the things I'm offering for Stormlash/Mang Song's:

Executioner's Justice Glorious Axe
Ghostflame Legend Spike
Gargoile's Bite Winged Harpoon
Cranebeak War Spike
Gut Siphon Demon Crossbow
Medusa's Gaze Aegis
fleshripper fanged Knive

Gul rune
Ist rune

I can give many of those items for either the scourge or the staff.

I'm also looking for 7% MF sc's with second mod(mana, dam, AR)
I'll pay good for those.

Once again, I was offered 6 charms like that from someone, but I didn't got any reply from him/her, pls respond!


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@ is down for some reason for me right now, in case you were wondering what happened. I'll try in in a little to see if it works.
I think you were looking for Necro skillers, I have a Hexing and a Graverobbers. Jewels I have: a BUNCH of 15%IAS and a bunch of ED's that range from 13% to 40%.


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My Active TradeList:

Blood Raven's Charge
Black Hades (3 socks)
Crown of Thieves
Dark Clan Crusher
Duriel's Shell (2x)
Dwarf Star (3x)
Eschuta's Temper
Ethereal Edge (2x)
Frostburn (2x)
Ginther's Rift (3x)
Goldwrap (3x)
Harlequin Crest
Hexfire (3x)
Jalal's Mane
Nagelring (2x 22% - 1x 19% - 1x29%)
Que-Hegan's Wisdom
Pompeii's Wrath
Pierre Tombale Couant
Rune Master
String of Ears
The Cat's Eye
The Salamander (3x)
Thundergod's Vigor
Undead Crown
Visceratuant (2x)
Venom Grip (4x)
Windhammer (2x)

Griswold's Heart (2x)
Haemosu's Adamant (6x)
Hwanin's Splendor
Immortal King's Detail
Immortal King's Stone Crusher (3x)
Naj's Circlet (3x)
Natalya's Shadow
Rite of Passage (3x)
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest (3x)
Trang-Oul's Claws (3x)
Trang-Oul's Scales
Whitstan's Guard
Wilhelm's Pride

Lum Rune
Amn Rune (2x)
Ko Rune
Lem Rune
Io Rune
Sol Rune (5x)
Thul Rune (3x)

Superior Naga - 18 ~ 51 dam (6 : 0 Sockets)
Phase Blade - 31 ~ 35 dam (6 : 0 Sockets)
Scissors Quhab - 19 ~ 40 dam (3 : 0 Sockets)
Matriarchal Pike - 37 ~ 153 dam (4 : 0 Sockets)
Kraken Shell - 433 def (4 : 0 Sockets)
Russett Armor - 239 def (3 : 0 Sockets)
Monarch - 134 def (4 : 0 Sockets)
Death Mask - 85 def (3 : 0 Sockets)
Spired Helm - 144 def (3 : 0 Sockets)

my email is [email protected] for trade q's when my pm is full


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bhaalistik said:
@ is down for some reason for me right now, in case you were wondering what happened. I'll try in in a little to see if it works.
I think you were looking for Necro skillers, I have a Hexing and a Graverobbers. Jewels I have: a BUNCH of 15%IAS and a bunch of ED's that range from 13% to 40%.
they are closing the swedish site i guess it affect the rest of the yahoo too.

i wont be able to respond to any emails until after 17:00 later today(for me its thusday 0:35 now


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lone_wolf said:
they are closing the swedish site i guess it affect the rest of the yahoo too.

i wont be able to respond to any emails until after 17:00 later today(for me its thusday 0:35 now
Doh! Oh well, I just sent you an email with the ATMA stats. No worries, there's no rush. :cool:


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Not much new to my ISO:

Arachnid Mesh
War Traveler

4 Socket Staff with +1-3 ES and good other spells. Think FO, CL, TS, CM, LM.

Amulet with damage reduction and +sorc skills or +lightning skills. The higher the damage reduction and the skills the better. Mana, energy and faster cast are worthwhile extra mods.

Sorc skillers, lightning most needed. I can trade cold or fire skillers for them.

If you have any of this up for trade, PM or mail at [email protected].


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These items were all found in 1.10 and what I consider the cream of the crop of what I have. But I have many others items not listed so if you don't see anything ask and I can check. Along with these items I have a whole stash full of items found in 1.09 that have been converted over to 1.10.

This is what I'm currently on the hunt for (only items found in 1.10)

M’avina’s Caster – Grand Matron Bow
M’avina’s True Sight - Diadem

+Cold Res – Small Charm (of at least 10%)
+Fire Res – Small Charm (of at least 10%)

Ber Rune

This is what I have for trade

Blood Raven's Charge - Matriarchal Bow
Buriza-Do Kyanon – Ballista x2
Hellrack - Colossus Crossbow
Lycander’s Aim – Ceremonial Bow x2

Eschuta's Temper - Eldritch Orb
Wizardspike - Bone Knife x2
Arm of King Leoric – Tomb Wand
Boneshade – Lich Wand x2
The Oculus – Swirling Crystal

Naj’s Puzzler – Elder Staff

Gimmershred - Flying Axe x4 (Eth one also)
Hellslayer – Decapitator x2
Boneslayer Blade - Gothic Axe x3
Rune Master – Ettin Axe x2
Ethereal Edge – Silver-edged Axe x2

Flamebellow - Balrog Blade x2
Djinn Slayer - Ataghan
Bloodmoon - Elegant Blade x3
Blade of Ali Baba - Tulwar
Lightsabre - Phase Blade x2

Immortal King's Stone Crusher - Ogre Maul x2
Bloodtree Stump - War Club
Baranar's Star - Devil Star
Windhammer – Ogre Maul x2

Bonehew - Ogre Axe
Arioc's Needle - Hyperion Spear x3
Viperfork – Mancatcher x3
Grim's Burning Dead - Grim Scythe x2
Wraith Flight - Ghost Glaive
Lycander’s Flank – Ceremonial Pike
Demon’s Arch – Balrog Spear x2
Titan’s Revenge – Ceremonial Javelin

The Rising Sun – Amulet
Seraph's Hymn - Amulet
Atma's Scarab – Amulet
Crescent Moon – Amulet

Stormshield – Monarch Shield

Nature’s Peace – Ring

Gheed’s Fortune – Grand Charm (26% MF)

Verdungo’s Hearty Cord – Mithril Coil x2
Snowclash – Battle Belt

Firelizard's Talons - Feral Claws
Jade Talon - Wrist Sword
Shadow Killer – Battle Cestus

Hellmouth - War Gauntlets x2

Trang-Oul's Scales - Chaos Armor x2
Griswold's Heart - Ornate Plate x2
Dark Adherent - Dusk Shroud x2
Aldur’s Deception – Shadow Plate
Naj’s Light Plate – Hellforge Plate

Black Hades – Chaos Armor
The Gladiator’s Bane – Wire Fleece x2

Demonhorn's Edge - Destroyer Helm x2
Jalal's Mane - Totemic Mask
Kira's Guardian – Tiara x3
Cerebus’ Bite – Blood Spirit x2
Andariel’s Visage - Demonhead
Harlequin Crest – Shako

Ondal's Almighty - Spired Helm
Trang-Oul's Guise - Bone Visage

Sandstorm Trek – Scarabshell Boots x2
Marrowwalk – Boneweave Boots x2
War Traveler – Battle Boots

If you are interested send a PM or Email me at [email protected] thank you for your time….


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I guess its about time i joined in on this thread after all the mf runs of the past 2 weeks. :)


Arreat's Face
Harlequin Crest
Gore Riders

4 Socket Archon Plate(500 + Def)

Dual Leech ring with resists/ar


Arioc's Needle
Jalal's Mane
Cerebus' Bite
Demonhorns Edge
Arm Of King Leoric
Demon's Arch
Carrion Wind
Natures peace

Trang-Oul's Scales
Naj's Puzzler

Pm me or E-mail [email protected] if anything interests you.


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Sapphire Small Charm
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 32
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 73
Fingerprint: 0x84c34e96
Cold Resist +11%

Ruby Small Charm of Incineration
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 37
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 66
Fingerprint: 0x91aa7038
Fire Resist +10%
Adds 5-12 fire damage

well, I need a Atma's Scarab, if you're interested..


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Here is my trade list. Check out the rares...there are some good ones down there. :)

Highlights of my Trade List:
Wizardspike, Reaper's Toll, Hellslayer, The Scalper(ethereal), Chromatic Ire, Eschuta's Temper, Dwarf Star, Snowclash, Demon's Arch, Arioc's Needle, Razor's Edge, Blood Raven's Charge, Gheed's Fortune, Head Striker, Jade Talon, Boneslayer Blade, Minotaur, The Scalper (ethereal), Spire of Lazarus, Rune Master (5-socket), Demon Limb, Grim's Burning Dead, Bloodmoon, Blackhorn's face, Ali Baba's, Lightsabre, Blackoak Shield, Bonehew, Zakarum's Hand, Homonunculus, Gerke's Sanctuary, Andariel's Visage, Atma's Wail, Viperfork, Magewrath, Hellmouth, Suicide Branch, Nord's Tenderizer, Pierre Tombale Couant, Stormeye, Rainbow Facet Fire/Death, Hand of Blessed Light, Atma's Scarab, Wolf Howl, Todesfaelle Flamme

Natalya's Hat&Boots, Tal Rasha's Orb&Helm&Belt, Laying of Hands, Dangoon's Teaching, IK's Stone Crusher, Dark Adherent, Hwanin's Splendor, Telling of Beads

Circlet +2 Barb Skills, 8% Life Leech,+7Dex, +19% Resist Lit,Cold,Poison, +51% Res fire)
Rune Cowl Coronet +4 Max Dmg, 22-34 Fire Damage 5% Mana Steal 8% Life Steal 14% Cold, Fire, Poison Res, 53% Lit Res
Dire Flight Grand Matron Bow 56-250 Dmg: +1 Bow Skills, +246% ED, +8 Min Dmg, +115 AR, +49% Dmg to Demons, +55 AR against demons, +1-8 Lit. Damage
Storm Bite Balrog Spear 161-250 Throw Damage, 133-254 One-Hand Damage, +20%IAS, +304% ED, +75 AR, +3 Str, 32 charges slvl 5 Bash
Stone Stinger Diamond Bow 112-135 Dmg, +2 Amazon Skills, +20% IAS, +113 AR
Entropy Gorge Amulet+2 Offensive Auras, 10% FCR, 24% Lit Res, 38% Fire Res, 4 PDR
Soul Crest Tiara +1 Necro Skill Levels, 30% FR/W, +11 Dex, +33 Life, +38% Poison Res
Viper Clasp Amulet +1 Amazon skills, +1 max dmg, +18% All res
Rare Pellet Bow +226% ED, 5% CtC Amp Damage,+217 AR,4%Mana Steal
Rare Wrist Blade +332% ED, 9% Mana Steal
Rare Wrist Sword+199% ED, +269AR, +2 BoI
Rare Circlet+2 Paladin Skills ,1%AR/Clvl, +11% Fire Res, 21% MF
Rare Flying Axe +205%ED, 30%IAS, 207AR, 7% Mana Steal, 4% Life Steal

Looking for:

M'avina's Circlet, Armor; Griswold's Sword and Shield
Herald of Zakarum, Verdungo's Hearty Cord
3-socket Archon Plate
Lem & higher runes (I'll likely only trade runes with you if you've traded lots here before.)

Other offers are welcome. PM or email me (j-kurtin(at)northwestern(dot)edu)


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heh. dammit. i meant to edit that the last three times i posted it. :)

::goes to edit trade text file::