Trade Rating How To & FAQ


Trade Rating How To & FAQ

How the system works

When a trade is complete with the buyer/Seller, go to your thread and copy the URL, it will be something like ( Click the trade rank link on the left next to the username in the trade post and you will be taken to their forums trader page.

  • Click the Feedback for Username Link
  • Select if you were the buyer or seller
  • Select the 'Overall trading' experience (Positive, Neutral, Negative)
  • Add a short comment
  • Paste in the URL of the thread where the trade originated (should be in your clipboard if you copied it)
  • Add additional comments if you wish.
  • Hit Submit

Your feedback has now been left in that user's profile.

The User you concluded the deal with will then be sent a PM saying you have provided feedback and they can reciprocate and leave you feedback.

That's it!

  • Note this is not tied to your account, this is for forum traders only to help identify good and bad traders.
  • It is up to the users to add the feedback once the deal is concluded, there is no moderator involvement. If you have a problem send a PM to the moderator of the buying or selling forum.


Diabloii.Net Member
This is a great feature. I plan to use it extensively:)
Thanks for the nice addition.

EDIT: Is there any way we can tie it to the feedback left on


Diabloii.Net Member
Is it okay to give your trustworthy friends +1 rating just because you trust them or must u include a trade thread or seomthing?


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i love this idea.:innocent:

hey was trying to rate some recent trades, looks like it will only allow 3 per day. neway to lift that restriction for a week or so. just wanna give my recent trades feedback.


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This is a great idea, whoever decided to implement it. Like other people, I'd also like to know if it's kosher to rate people that you've conducted past trades with, or if it's pretty much a blank slate from the upgrade.


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SmittySixTen said:
This is a great idea.

Like Brad said though can we rate more than 3 people? I'd like to provide feedback for a lot of past trades.

Lord Nyax

Try to limit it to trades from [now,on). (set notation for now-->). I long as you have the thread link, it should be cool...


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i think... that I will be at a loss when I start playing again... hopefully people dont bank on these numbers, as I wont be making any trades for a while. (Im out of D2 for like 3 months)

but otherwise, great idea.

edit- its like communism... always a good idea IN THEORY :innocent:

Lord Nyax

I still think that post count will influence me more than trade have a lot more to lose if you've been a member long enough to spam up 1k+ posts.


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dii forums are turning into ebay now. Oh wellz, its all cool. Now I get to see how many peoplez hate on me.


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cool idea, haven't been around much lately so I just notcied this feature today haha.

Kinda sucks there is a 3 feedback limit per day since there is a possibility to do more than 3 successful trades in a day...

maybe set the limit higher? not necessary unlimited per day but needs to be higher than 3.

just my $.02


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Sorry don't mean to double post, but something seems to be wrong. I was able to leave feedback for people earler today, but when I tried to leave feedback for someone an error message appears:

Database error
The Diablo 2 Forums database has encountered a problem

just thought I'd post about it so someone could fix it...

here is a link showing it the error screen:


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^^ the link I posted above is not the same as it was showing lastnight. I was getting database error instead of what it shows now. oh well....


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I keep getting the 'Database Error' msg each time I try to leave feedback. Oh well, no system is perfect. A bit late in implementing since they already had it running with the old Marketplace 2-3 yrs ago..


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rating when a trade does not occur

I have a question as to when feedback is allowed.

After offering a item in someones thread that is from there ISO, along with a price. Then the op accepts the trade, and the trade never occurs after numerous attempts to contact this person.

May I leave negative feed back or at least neutral even though a trade never occured?