Trade Rankings


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Trade Rankings

The new feature for trade rankings is a stellar idea BUT I have one problem with it. What of those that don't return any feedback on good deals? I have come across a name or 2 that have positive feedback but are not giving any in return. It's not like it takes any effort or time to give those that trade with you the positive feedback they deserve.

Just my 2.5¢

Evrae Altana

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You can PM the person and ask them to give a feedback if you feel that strongly about it. But IMO, it is up to each individual person to decide if they want to give feedback or not.


Yep, as Evrae Altana said you can PM them and while they're not obliged to leave feedback it's the done thing and pretty bad mannered not to do so. Afterall, doesn't take a minute.

On, leaving feedback counts towards your overall ranking too because giving feedback is considered part of being a good trader. However, we coded that system ourselves so we were able to make the rankings (called reputation there) a little more involved - weighing up number of trades, membership time, received feedback, given feedback. The system on the forums is a 'bolt on' for vbulletin coded by someone else so the system is 'you give me a feedback and I give you one'...end of story.