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Forum Name:TheGuardianXXXIII
Date Updated:12/21/2018

Versions Played

[1.14d SC Status FAM]
100% self-found so far.
Will probably install multi-instance dll, but have not yet.

@1/8/2019 - I have hot-muled a Gheed's; no longer 100%-self found. Traded for an IK belt w/ @jonnyphive

Other info:
I'm new to single player as of this post (12/21/2018). In years past when i lived and breathed diablo i played exclusively on USEast closed bnet. This time around i'd rather not bother with bnet (latency, losing all my characters after a long break, etc)... I started a couple of weeks ago after reading up on the SPF community here and thought it was pretty cool to be able to have a regulated community to trade/play with on single player, so i made sure to abide by the rules just in case i ever decided to post/join in the SPF.
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