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Trade Profile - srrw

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8 November 2012
Versions Played:
Mod Status:
HC/SC Status:
SC 1.13d (PvP only)
Other Information:
- I use GoMule and ATMA for muling purposes
- I have done HC > SC transfer
- I have and use 1.07 items
- I have and use ATMA bugged (1.07) weapons
Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status

- Edit:
Hotmulled Gheed's.

- Edit:
Installed modified d2gfx.dll for running multiple instances
Installed GoMule

- Edit:
HC Only.

- Edit: 13 August 2013
Clear restart.

- Edit:
Rushed for Socket quest.

- Edit:
Started playing SC for PvP purposes

- Edit:
Started playing 1.07

- Edit: 3 September 2015
Added some stuff, mainly 1.07 item usage etc

- Edit: 10 January 2016
Clear HC restart, most of my old stashes will be moved to SC apart from 1.07 stuff on which I'm still undecided.

- Edit: June 2018
Another clear HC restart. All if my old stashes are backed up and might be used in SC in the future.
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