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Forum Name: Raad

Date: 2nd of September, 2016

Versions Played: 1.14d

Mod Status: I now use the Runewords mod, I play 1.14d SC Diablo 2 LOD, I use GoMule for muling, do not use any multi-instance stuff. I play the game windowed and no sound with -ns and -w on the shortcut (not commandline) path. I also the -direct and -txt shortcut path-commands for RWM. I do not use any other mods (Updated to reflect changes in mod status: 27/9/2016).

HC/SC Status: SC

Other Information: I am a moderate-length forum lurker, I am not really sure since when. I originally played Diablo 2 for the first time in 2001/2002 but only for a short while. I started playing D2 somewhat seriously since 2011/2010, however my characters (and stash) since then were lost. In that original stint I had a lvl 84 necromancer and some other ancillary characters (also a 34 necro on ladder,, all of those are now lost.

My most recent spate of characters (lvl 92 necro, low level chars (1-10), a lvl 33 necro)) are all recently created and played (since summer of this year I started my current stint). I use only GoMule for trading/muling and am at 1.14d, I also use RWM, I do not use anything else.

I am completely new to this trading via forums stuff so bear with me if I take some time to understand what is required of me. I might even ask you a question or two about the whole process. My GoMule version is 4.2_1.13. Occasionally I use to do drop rate calculations, but that is a website. I also use RWM for 1.13 but have made it work on 1.14d by adding the RWM runewords folder and its subcontents into my users saved games folder for Diablo 2.

I play almost all the time on my 92 necro, SC and as stated, just packrat stuff. My lvl 30-odd necro was originally built to play with a friend over TCP/IP, and we played for a few levels on that char. I have not played with the rest of these chars on anything but SP. I play intermittently as time permits, so naturally my forum presence should be similar, but I hope to keep a constant presence to make sure I stay current and able to trade. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Probation Period Status: FTS

Updated on 27/9/16 to reflect change in mod status (I now use RWM, nothing else).

Updated on 16/11/2016 to change main necro level from 87 to 92 (he has grown!)

Updated on 06/12/16 to change trade status to FTS
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