Trade Profile - maareek


Diabloii.Net Member
Forum name: maareek
Date: June 29th, 2014
Versions played: 1.13d
Mod Status: RWM
HC/SC Status: both, but at a ratio of roughly eleventy billion to one in favor of SC
Other Information:
-Gave away all my items around the time of 1.13's release; have completely restarted since.
-I have moved items from HC to SC in the past and may again in the future. I dislike doing it with high-end items, but am not against it.
-I hotmule Gheed's. Since I tend to run until my stash/char are stuffed, I also sometimes hotmule other items for convenience.
-I do not time travel (in the game, at least) but I will trade for and use older version items.
-I do not run multiple instances.
-I am okay with HF rushed runes, but keep any I trade for separated.
-I do not ATMA-bug weapons, but will trade with those who do.
-I have pretty much complete practice tolerance, so my items should be considered tainted by all SPF approved activities.
Probation Period Status: Full Trade Status