Trade Profile - Gul Dukat - Full trade status

Gul Dukat

Diabloii.Net Member
Forum Name:Gul Dukat

Date: January 27, 2016

Versions Played:1.12, 1.13 c/d

Mod Status:I use RWM for 1.13, Gomule

HC/SC Status: SC

Other Information: My Sp characters are couple of years so i might have some items from 1.12. I got back to diablo again but can't be bothered with muling on bnet and stuff so I'll stick to SP. I hotmule gheeds, I have not done any ATMA bugging nor do i wish to trade for such items, also i have not done any time forwarding nor do i wish to trade for such items. I have no quarrel with people who do either of the above, also i have not transfered any HC items to SC but don't mind to trade from people who have.

Probation Period Status: Full trade status