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Trade List/ISO

I am currently in search of the Harlequin Crest and Gheed's charm, as well as Pul+ runes for better items and pgems for the lower value items. I have pul to offer for Gheed's charm, and pul for a decent Harlequin crest. If they are really good I can do Um.

I'm selling the following:


7 Shael
6 Sol
2 Hel
2 Dol
2 Lum


+1 to traps assassin grand charm
+1 to traps assassin grand charm with 2-6 fire damage
Lvl 32: +11 to life and 10% poison resist small charm
Lvl 50: +30 to life large charm


Required Level 30 amulet: +2 to sorc light skills, 15% resist cold, light, poison, 34% resist fire, damage reduced by 3, plus 4 to min damage

Required level 30 Chain Gloves: +2 to martial arts skills, 10% increased attack speed, +0.5 to def per level, +1 to dex, fire resist 10%

Set Items:

3 Socket Aldur's Rhythm
Tal's Mask
IK belt
Guillaume's Face


148% ed Venom Grip
104% ed Lidless Wall +5 mana after each kill
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