TPPK still something to watch for in 1.11?


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TPPK still something to watch for in 1.11?

So does this hack still exist? It seems like it does, but confirmation would be great so I can look out for it.

Basically it removes the 10s timer on being able to use wp and tp?




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1) Yes, TPPK does still exist.

2) No, that is a different exploit, and was fixed. TPPK is where they fire some projectiles in the general direction of you, create a TP, go to town, and hit hostile before the projectiles hit you. Generally this is done with a script, but technically no hack is required.


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They still have let us down by not fixing something that would revitalize public games. Alas, I won't be purchasing any more Blizzard titles in protest, mainly because I can't afford them. Actually, that's the only reason.