Tournament: Weaponless Part II


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Tournament: Weaponless Part II

Here are the rules:

1: You must play HC.

2: You must do full clears. You can however skip areas and return to them later.

3: You can not repeat any areas.

4: No weapons are allowed (see 11 for exceptions)

5: You may use any other equipment you see fit (see 11 for exceptions)

6: Any players setting may be used and you can change it at any time.

7: You can not mule anything onto your character.

8: You can choose your class and may assign stat and skill points as you see fit. (see 11 for exceptions)

9: You may use any merc at any time in any way you see fit, but they must go weaponless also.

10: You can not esc/save & exit to avoid death

11: Exceptions

A: The line of thrown potions may be used.

B: If you are playing assassin and using the kick line of skills you may not
use boots.

C: Charms and jewels are allowed, and recommended, to increase your damage.

D: Skills will be limited in the following ways:

Amazon: None

Assassin: Trap Tree is not allowed

Barbarian: Warcry is not to be use to intentionally kill.

Druid: Elemental Tree is not allowed. Cyclone Armor is allowed. The Druid and Necromancer will be limited to only one minion cast at a time. (You can put points in and use all of them, but only have one cast)

Paladin: Holy Shock, Holy Fire, Blessed Hammer, Fist of the Heavens and Smite is not allowed. Holy Freeze should not be used to kill.

Necromancer: See Druid. Poison Dagger bug may be used. (Using Poison Dagger without a dagger gives you the AR bonus of Poison Dagger) Corpse and Poison Explosion, Teeth one point is allowed. Bone Spear and Spirit and Poison Nova are not allowed.

Sorceress: Are limited to Warmth, Enchant, Fire Mastery, Static Field, Teleport, Frost Nova and the line of cold armors. One point in telekinesis is allowed as a prerequisite. Static field can not be used until NM except against Act bosses (Cow King included), Izual, Hephasto, Nihlathak and The Ancients and Frost Nova should not be used to kill.

E: All prerequisite are allowed one point only and, of course, is not allowed to be used.

12: If your character dies within the first act you may restart your character or begin a new character. This can only be used once.


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Kickflipper - Assasin - Lvl 18 - Act 1 N - Barracks - RIP (Extra Fast Ghost Pack)

PowerPoultry - Paladin - Lvl 15 - Act 1 N - Dark Woods

Isorion - Necromancer - Lvl 11+ - Act 1 N - Dark Woods

Mika - Sorceress - Lvl 17 - Act 1 N - Outer Coister

Drunken bozer - Barbarian - Lvl 8 - Act 1 N - Cold Plains

Tyson II - Barbarian - Lvl 13 - Act 1 N - Dark Woods

Spikester - Paladin

Dinnin Darkblade
Ashyana - Assasin - lvl 12 - Act 1 N - Forgotten Tower

Almis - Druid - lvl 19 - Act 2 N - Sewers


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Irorion made great progress today. I made a decision to turn down the number of players to 3, seeing how hard Treehead was to kill. A very good decision. I still get twice the amount of experience than on players 1 and the no-drop chance is reduced a lot compared to players 1. But this is a very item-independent character, so it doesn´t matter all that much.

Believe it or not, my main concern is that I want Isorion to reach level 30 before facing Diablo. I´ll tell you why if I get there. I hope players 3 will see to that. Players 1 gets you to level 28 doing a full clear, so it should be possible.

Anyway, back to the show...
Isorion started the session by running out on the Black Marsh, at level 15. With a lower players setting now, even Meghan´s 4-8 damage had some teeth back. At least she did more damage than the golem. Speaking of teeth, that was what I used against a Dark Shaman in the Catacombs. It was LE and I didn´t want to punch him without having ANY lightning resistance. So when I ran out of poison potions, I spammed my level 1 Teeth. :D Can you say PWNAGE!?!!!! First (and probably last) time he used it.

Isorion reached level 18 in the Jail. That meant the arrival of Blood Golem. 400 life! Is that a tank or what? Good grief...This golem does on average 11 damage (6-16) and steals 85% of that. And as I Amplify almost everything the golem slaps, it stays at full life against all but the most fearsome enemies.

I have developed a certain tactic against melee boss packs. Golem tanks and the pack swarms it. Isorion Amplifies the lot and selects his prey (preferrably the minion Meghan is shooting at). Isorion jumps into the fray and punches that minion, recasting Bone Armor as needed (it absorbs 45 damage now). If the minion dies and is not shattered, one more Amplify on the pack, then Corpse Explosion. And again. And again (depending on the amount of available corpses and the position of the enemies). Sometimes he Unsummons the golem and leads the stragglers to corpses and explodes them.

Everything went smoothly all the way through the Catacombs. Andariel was in the worst mood I have ever seen her and she just pulverized Meghan and the Golem. I took her down with Clay Golem + Iron Maiden. It didn´t take long at all, even though I had to spend two dozens of golems. Poison may be the damage type that comes to mind when you think of Andariel, but the fact is that her melee blows are VERY strong at this stage of the game. Nothing in act 2 except Duriel (and maybe Ancient Kaa or Extra Strong Gorebellies) hits harder.

I had a very stupid NDE when I picked up some cash that dropped from one of the dead burning rogues next to Andariel´s throne. That fire was HOT!

Isorion arrived in Lut Gholen and hired himself a Prayer Desert Guard. I figured that will help the golem who will be poisoned many, many times in act 2.
Isorion also bought a 3-socketed Breast Plate and inserted two chipped topazes and a Jewel of Envy. He has three poison sources now: this jewel, a Zombie Head (with +1 Bone Armor) and a 6 damage over 3 seconds poison charm. Other charms: a 1-2 fire damage and two 1-2 cold damage.

Some stats:

Level: 19

STR: 34 (enough to use Large Shield (the shield with the least STR requirement that can have 3 sockets))
DEX: 25 (base)
VIT: the rest
ENE: 35 (I felt a need for a little boost)

Clay Golem 1
Blood Golem 1
Golem Mastery 6

Teeth 1
Corpse Explosion 1
Bone Armor 1+1
Bone Wall 1

Amplify Damage 3
Weaken 1
Dim Vision 1
Iron Maiden 1
Terror 1

Have fun and be careful out there! :D

(By the way, I wonder what scared nemar off in such a hurry. Was it the full clear demand or the fact that he wouldn´t be allowed to run areas/bosses? I can understand that it can be hard to be forced to play in a way you don´t like. I would have hated to NOT be allowed to full clear or to be FORCED to run areas/bosses. That could definately have scared me off from a tourney...)


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It is Drunken_Boxer i mispelled it last time sorry. well anyway Boxer is at the darkwood wp at level 14 and is doing great. He found a 20 poison over 2 seconds jewel in cold plains and it is in his armor. he does a max of 29 damage and 20 of it is poison. During the underground passageway i found FellOak Club
PS. I find the throwing potions incredibly helpfull. i pick them up and when i get to a mob a chuck a couple of poison and there life goes down so fast. So if anyone is not using them i advice you to do so.

Some Stats

Drunken_Boxer Level 14 Dark wood wp
With Equipment
Str 50
Energy 10
Vit 70
Dex 28

Bash 1
leap 1
Stun 1
increased staminia 1
Howl 1
shout 1
taunt 1
Find Potion 1

Im thinking about using concentrate because it is slow but it is safe.


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Mika is now level 18!! Woohoo ENCHANT!! After I killed the pack I was fightening I opened my Spell Book clicked on the Fire tab and I thought "Hey. What's going on? Enchant is still grayed out!!" (A second or two later my mind catches up with what I did) "AWW CRAP!! I didn't put points in the prerequisits! Luckily I saved up 2 skill points so I can get Enchant and teleport at the same time. They now when into firebolt and fireball :( I'll have to wait another level to get Enchant and another to get Teleport :(

Now that I shared my Stupid Move of the Day I can give you a full update.

After the Black Marsh and fearing the Pit I set it to players 4. The Tamahoe Highland and the pit did not give me much problems. The Pit level 2 was a little trouble because it is one bit open room and those darn shaman kept raising like crazy. Finally I got it all cleared and took off for the outer coister.

A Cold enchanted shaman gave me some problems and was almost the death of me. I'm being very cautions now. Whenever my life falls below 1/4 I step back and let my merc take the hits. I can revive her, but not me.

The barracks was pretty easy. I set it to players 1 because I forgot exactly where Pitspawn spawned and a little worried about the Smith. The Smith went down without much of a fight. I left the players 1 setting on untill I found Pitspawn on Jail level 2. He was in a cage so I thought it would be real easy. I'd just stand here and let my merc kill them all. Well that didn't work too well. All of them fired thier lightening balls and Pitspawn cursed me pretty quickly. So I ran over opened the door and as soon as one stepped out I ran hoping he would follow. The minions all fell this was. I let my merc shoot through the bars to kill Pitspawn as I dodged his lightening balls.

I got the Inner Coister Waypoint and as I opened the door to the Catherdral three Tainted Champions and 4 or 5 Wraiths where right there. I lured the Tainted alway and fought them 2 on 3. Then took on the wraiths. Bone Ash was a bit of a problem even on players 4. He nearly killed me and with his cold nova on death killed my merc. Like I said I can revive her.

I has beating myself up about not putting the points in the prerequisits for Enchant so I thought I'd stop there before I do something really stupid.

I now have charms for every element: 2-5/3 poison, 1-4 Lightening, 1-3 lightening, 1-2 cold and 1-2 fire. Stone Skin is not much of a problem anymore :) I currently do 15-26 damage.

My merc, Blaise, is being semi useful and is now lvl 14. She is wearing a 3 socketed armor and a two socketed helm. (for usefull jewels)


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Tyson_II has defeated Andarial and taken the caravan to Lut Golein. :D

Players3 all the way until Andarial, then players1. I had almost no poison resistance and didn't want to take any huge risks (yet). He reached lvl18 in the catacombs. The act went pretty easily although the Disfigured demons packed a mighty big lightning punch - as I had only 20% LR. A lot of hit-and-run in those sections of the catacombs. Not much else was a major problem.

Annor was pretty decent support for this act, but even at the end was hitting with a measly 4-8 dmg with a little extra when fire enchanted. She will be traded in for a Prayer Merc as soon as I talk with Greiz. But my plan remains to hire an A3 Iron Wolf when I get to that point, probably a cold mage to shatter corpses for me.

Helpful charms have been few, only finding a 1-5 lightning, two 1-2 fire, and a 5/3 poision. Only notable find is a Nagelring. No barb helms have been of any help yet :rolleyes:

I still have no mana regen/leech, so continue to use a plain punch, dealing 4-13 dmg (+ poison). Against bosses, etc I use Bash, delivering 14-25 dmg (+ poison). My build focuses on defense, blocking and hit recovery. My resists are very low right now, so I may have to shop for these items soon.

Lvl 18
50 Str, 50 Dex, 60 Vit, 10 Nrg
Defense 205 (w/o Concentrate)
95% chance to hit
67% Blocking, 15% Faster Block (bone shield)
20% FHR, 10% FRW

9-Bash, Stun, Concentrate, Leap, Leap Attack
Howl, Taunt, Shout
Incr Stamina, Iron Skin


Druid Almis got the cube. His stats :

Strenght : 54
Dexterity : 51
Vitality :65
Energy : 20 (base)

life : 305 (spirit and werewolf)
attack rating : 1k (fireclaws on)
defense : 100
damage : 93 - 114 (fireclaws on)
mana : 68

I was very happy when i saw that fireclaws doesnt require additional mana when putting skill points in it . It wouldn't very funny if lvl 4 fireclaws would cost 10 mana, huh?


Just one question :

Can i use a shield? There isnt mentioned is shield is counted as armor or as weapon , so i was going without it until now


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I forgot to mention that Isorion found a Gull Dagger in the Cathedral. It would have been great for this type of character if he wasn´t in a WEAPONLESS tourney! Why, oh why must HE of all my characters find it? :rant:

And to find it so early. I can only image all the l33t iTAmz it could have brought me. I almost cried seeling it for about 2400 gold.


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jiansonz said:
I forgot to mention that Isorion found a Gull Dagger in the Cathedral. It would have been great for this type of character if he wasn´t in a WEAPONLESS tourney! Why, oh why must HE of all my characters find it? :rant:

And to find it so early. I can only image all the l33t iTAmz it could have brought me. I almost cried seeling it for about 2400 gold.
we didn't you keep it for a tourney prize or keep it for yourself?


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Well Mika was delt the final blow. It was in the Catacombs level 2. I was trying to get away from a LE shaman boss and my merc shot him... Why now did she decided to try to be helpful?? To make a long story short one of the charged bolts hit me taking the last few hit points away from me :)

Introducing Mia my new and improved weaponless enchantress. She has cleared all the way up to Stony Field. I decided to go with players 4 to make the going easier. I have strangling potion on my switch which is making it a lot easier.

My Cold Rogue, yes I like the chill factor, is level 7. I've already gotten her socketed armor in hopes of finding some good gems. *fingers crossed* I have yet to find any charms that add damage.


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DuesNox said:
we didn't you keep it for a tourney prize or keep it for yourself?
Keeping it for myself wouldn´t make sense, since I don´t want my characters to use items not found by themselves. I am sort of a grailer (I want to find all S/U items during my characters´ adventures) but I only collect the observations of the finds, not the items per se.

But the prize thing might be a good idea. But would someone really be interested in items I find in this tourney? Maybe...


I am happy to report that druid Almis completed act 2 . Duriel gave me good fight , and i had to run back to town for more pots 4 times.


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Tyson_II is now lvl22 and rests at the Far Oasis WP.

He's slain Radament, and recovered the cube and staff. He still goes at players3, but went down to P1 for Coldworm's lair. He's found that beetles are no problem at all (55% LR), but mummies and the skeleton crews are a bother. Neither he or his Prayer merc have cold damage, so the constant regeneration is quite bothersome. Strategy = rush the mummy and use Concentrate until dead, Howl to get some fighting room, rinse & repeat as needed. :)

The merc aura is VERY helpful at this early stage since he still has no LL/ML items. Neither members' life drops very far at this point.


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Mia is now level 15. She has cleared the Stony Field, Underground Passage, Dark Woods, Black Marsh, The Forgotten Tower and still found time to recure Cain from Tristam. I like players 4 setting a lot better than players 8. It is going a lot quicker and I'm about the same level as last time.

The Stony Field and Underground Passage were not too difficult. If I happened onto a boss pack I would simply switch to the stangling gas potions to kill off the minions then take on the boss. This way is a lot easier, faster and takes less healing potions then the way I was doing it last time - trying to tank them all.

I didn't even see Rakanishu. As soon as I saw the edge of the stones I lobbed about 10 potions in the middle of the stones. It was almost too easy. Treehead would of fell the same way if he was not extra fast, but he fell pretty easily.

Nothing held me up in the Black Marsh. The archers are always annoying because they run too much. The Countress was harder to get to then defeat. Right off the stairs there was a boss pack of ghosts which took a lot of stangling gas potions and a few trips to town to refill the gas potions. The Blood Clan swing very fast and hit very hard. There was a couple of boss packs of these which gave me some trouble.

Amplisa has been a moderate amount of help. I found a rare jewel and I socketed it in her helm because it had +8% to damage, but I don't think it helped much. She is now level 10.

I am now doing 4-15 damage, mostly lightening. I made sure I put my points in the prerequisists this time and my skills are as such:

Chilled Armor - 1
Telekenisis - 1 (prerequisist for Teleport)
Firebolt/Ball - 1 ea. (prerequisist for Enchant)
Warmth - 11

I did find Infernal Cranium which is helping on the resistance. I socketed a small shield (can't find a large with 3 sockets) with a flawed and chipped diamond.


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Dinnin Darkblade said:
Remove my charactor from the tourny. She got deleted on accident by my wife. Was fun tho I hope you do another one.
You are more than welcome to start a new one if you'd like.


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Small update on Isorion, fledgling golemancer with a venomous punch.

I ran to the Halls of the Dead without killing anything. I wanted the Cube and I wanted it NOW.

Hiring a Prayer mercenary seems to have been a good decision. He actually does decent damage (more than the Blood Golem, at least) with his "standard" weapon. At least when the monsters are Amplified.

I continued on players 3. Isorion himself is still pretty good at punching. He can even take down Hollow Ones by himself, without much danger. Chance to hit is in the 60-70% range. That will plummet down the road but I can definately see him punch away well into act 3 (if he survives until then).

In the Cube room, something weird happened. Bloodwitch fought the merc one-on-one, while all the minions took on the golem. I cast Iron Maiden on the minions. They are extra strong and took plenty of damage when they hit the golem. The first one fell just about the same time as Bloodwitch had killed the mercenary and had run over to the golem. I Amped them and exploded the minion corpse, killing ALL of them. Whee!

I cubed all my crappy rings and amulets. Got a nice 17% lightning resist ring with + to Energy and an 11% MF amulet.

Isorion cleared out the Halls and almost reached a new level. Still level 19.