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Tournament Proposal: A Card Game

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by skiffcz, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. skiffcz

    skiffcz Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 23, 2007
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    Tournament Proposal: A Card Game

    Well, as I finally have time to continue with my Gold Digging necro, I thought - what next? I put a draft together and here it is for your comments. Fell free to come up with new cards and/or flaws in the rules which need to be polished. The main point of this tourney is:

    a, Card can be inspired by any other tournament
    b, You can directly affect other players

    Rules of the tournament:

    General gameplay: (aka GG)
    1, Only one character at any given moment per player, HC, /players 1.
    (You may go SC, but first death = you are out)

    2, You may kill any boss or superunique only once per difficulty.
    (It is not a strict single pass however.)

    3, Once you move to the next act, you cannot go back. Ever. Act ends by killing its boss. Move forward ASAP.
    (That means ASAP. No shopping, creature killing or quest finishing may take place after bosskill. The exception is getting the leg and opening portal into Cow Level. You have one try for that.)

    4, You may mule off, not on.
    (Yep, you are stuck with stash to stash your stuff)

    5, You gain points for selling certain items:
    a, 1 point for normal S/U, crafted item, RW containing runes EL-AMN or PGem except PTopaz
    b, 3 points for exceptional S/U, RW containing runes SOL-UM or PTopaz
    c, 10 points for elite S/U, RW containing MAL-LO or skiller
    d, 30 points for TC 87 S/U, RW containing SUR-ZOD or Cow King set piece.
    (If an item belongs to more that one bracket, only the highest is chosen for point dealing)

    Card dealing rules:
    1, The game is divided into two phases, the Play and the End of Act. The Play lasts from the beginning of an act until the final bosskill and "traveling east". Whenever a cutscene would show, the End of Act phase begins. The introductory cutscene does not count.

    2, Points can only be spent in the players Play phase. They can be spent in any order.

    3, Cards can only be drawn in the End of Act phase. The regular draw(s) go(es) first, then go the additional draw.

    4, If any action makes you to draw a card, it will get executed at the nearest End of Act phase.

    5, You can only hold limited number of cards (3 in N, 4 in NM and 5 in H). Any time you exceed this maximum, discard any card other than the cards drawn in this End of Act phase.

    6, In the beginning of every End of Act, you draw one card. That is caled a Regular Draw.

    7, You may Card Gamble once every End of Act - raise your Hand Maximum by one for next Play phase, then do two Regular Draws instead of one.

    8, You can spend points to draw an additional card (5pts in N, 7pts in NM and 10pts in H), or make your opponent to draw an additional card (5pts in all diffs) after target players Regular Draw. The number of such Additional Draws is limited by that players ability to discard a cards - if that player would be unable to discard a card after an Additional Draw, both the Additional Draw and all points spent for it are lost.

    9, If a drawn card would have no effect, discard it, then draw another card.

    10,Use for card drawing.

    11,If a card rule and these rules are in conflict, follow the card rule.

    Game phases summary:
    1, Play (you gain and spend points here, and you quest/MF with your character)

    2, End of Act
    a, Regular Draw (draw a card, then discard any card not drawn this End of Act phase).
    b, If you Card Gamble, raise your Hand Maximum by one for next Play phase and repeat a,. Do this only once per End of Act.
    c, For each Additional Draw repeat a,. If you reached your Hand Maximum and your hand only contains cards drawn this End of Act, proceed with next act Play phase.

    1, 1337 K1D: You are forbidden to use skilltab of your choice. You may not forbid any tab more than once.
    (Thats right, if you have two of these, you have only one tab left. If you have three ... lol pwnd)

    2, PUNK/JAZZ: You and your merc may only wear white, grey or blue items.
    (RWs or socketfilled items are not grey. Quest items only for quest progress)

    3, MAC GYVER, You may not use any services. The only townsfolk action allowed is simple click on them (basically quest progress).
    (Repair is such service. Identify is such service. Imbue, respec and socketing are such services. If you can get the reward by just saying hello, like that stupid ring or Anya scroll, its ok. Also, I guess we can allow personalizing)

    4, MONK ASKETIC, You cannot assign any statpoints, unless other card says otherwise.
    (You can ofcourse save them. Not like you have a choice, anyways)

    5, SEMESTER BREAK: You cannot assign any skillpoints, unless other card says otherwise.
    (The same as above)

    6, AGORAPHOBIA: You are not allowed to have any minions.
    (Traps and Moron included)

    7, WHERE DID I PUT IT: Switch one of your non-white/grey armour pieces for a white/grey one.
    (Especially funny combo with PUNK/JAZZ)

    8, GIMMETHAT: Interchange a card with any opponent. You choose the cards switched this way.
    (This card turns into your opponets card and your opponent will autodraw your card in his next Regular Draw)

    9, MOAR: You must sell every S/U you find in this act, and at the end of the Play phase, spend as much of your points as possible. You may keep any S/Us required by another card.

    10,BALLISTIC: You may not use right click skills.

    11,ALPHA STRIKE: Any time you can assign a skillpoint into a skill with zero skill level, you must do so.

    12,ROBIN HOOD: Assign all your statpoints to your weakest stat every level-up.

    13,NINTENDO HARD: You may not use Teleport or TPs. You may only save in town. (maybe other "teleporting" skill too?)

    14,ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR: You must find at least one S/U this act and have it equipped on one of your primary slots during the bossfight for this act.
  2. jdkerr

    jdkerr Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Re: Tournament Proposal: A Card Game

    I like the idea, but I am still trying to wrap my head around it. :)

    (1) Points are earned for selling certain items, and those points are then spent on drawing more cards or causing others to draw more cards. These are not the points that keep track of who is ahead in the tournament though, are they? If I draw #14, I have to rerun areas (but not re-kill bosses or superuniques) in that act until I find an S/U. If the points that I get for selling items are the basis for scoring the tournament, then the winner is whoever runs e.g. Hell Pits the most and finds tons of S/Us to sell before completing the game. I like having the ability to rerun areas (especially when /p1 is required), but I don't like the idea that the winner of the tournament is whoever does the most area running. If those points are not the basis for winning the tournament, then what is the scoring system for the tournament? Lowest level Guardian wins?

    (2) I don't understand the "gamble" business. Since none of the cards are beneficial, why would a person want to raise their maximum and draw a new card? I could understand if the logic was to thereby be able to discard a card, but raising the maximum means that you don't get to discard a card. What am I missing?

    I would certainly consider entering this tournament. I assume others players "deal" your cards for you upon your request? It sounds like fun!
  3. skiffcz

    skiffcz Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 23, 2007
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    Re: Tournament Proposal: A Card Game

    Uh, I totally forgot the main thing - The first guardian wins.

    The points are really only there to shuffle with the cards.

    The main idea is really to develop a game mechanic, which would allow other players to make it difficult for you to reach guardian first - and also you should be able to defend somehow. Plus, every act can be completely different from the previous one. No planning, improvisation all the way.

    About the gamble option - if you have two or more really nasty cards you want to get rid of, but are unable or unwilling to spend points on additional draw, the regular draw would only allow you to get rid of one of them. This way you can discard two cards, with a disadvantage of one more card in hand (for the next act only). Four weak cards can be sometimes better than two weak and one nasty. Of course, you can be unlucky and get the same cards you are going to discard, but poo happens.

    P.S. Another option would be to allow buying "undraws" for points ... (only additional draws could be canceled this way)

    Example: You have really cool set of cards (read: not completely crippled and would like to keep it that way for another act), but your opponent buys you Additional Draw. You will be able to cancel this by spending your own points.

    Reverse example: You may have survived this act with the bad hand you have, but the next will be almost impossible with this setup. So you buy yourself two Additional Draws and hope for the best. Both of your main opponents are, however, completely evil and each of them cancels one of your Additional Draw. So you are stuck again. You can always gamble, though ...

    This also leads to another idea. A teamplay maybe? So this way, it can be team wars, not just random deathmatch. That would probably add a good amount of tactics to this ...

    Another random thought, the list of cards is not by any means final, I guess at least 30+ cards should be available for this to be really fun ;) Also, the rules are just a draft, and I am not a native speaker. If someone finds a better wording, a way how to join two rules into one or just simpler mechanism, which would allow the same comlexity as the previous one, please go on and share it :) It is the main purpose I put it into "proposal" stage. Beta testing.

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