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Nice to see you back cenyth :thumbsup:.

I like your build plan, it should work rather well. Enchant is great in normal, especially if you can get an Act 2 or 5 merc with a big hurty weapon.

I look forward to hearing about Wetef's journey!


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

This seems interesting so I think I'll join :D
I have missed thorns since it was OP in early classic, so I'll do the thorns+holy bolt build. 60 skill points is realistic. I actually started a Enchant sorc to join the party at first, but then I remembered that the doubla mastery bonus does not apply to mercs and 280 extra fire damage is not that impressive.
I'll do the code in my first update :)


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Welcome to the tournament Dolph! I am not sure where you get that Enchant only gives 280 extra fire damage to a merc. What about the Warmth synergy and Fire Mastery? Put together they certainly add up to more than that. If your character finds some + skills gear (in fact, Jericho gambled a +3 ammy last night, for a Druid) you'll be rocking along just fine.

Last we saw Jericho he was hanging out on the Kurast Docks. Alziheer was getting impatient, probably because he was doing all of the work slaying their enemies anyway, so they headed into the Kurast Jungle in search of the Dark Wanderer.

Not long after they left the docks, they came upon a nice rune. It was far higher than the previous highest rune he'd found, Thul. Into the backpack it went. In the Kurast Bazaar, he found the unique Scutum, but it was ethereal.

Descending into the Durance of Hate, Jericho and Alziheer eventually stumbled upon Mephisto. The fight took a few minutes and ended like this. Mephisto actually cooperated by striking Alziheer quite a few times. He was accordingly greatly damaged by thorns.

Descending further into hell, Jericho saw something rarely seen by living human eyes: an evil force that withstood assault for a long time (mostly because Alziheer is pretty dumb and didn't realize you could smash the windows). No matter, as the Hellforge awaited! Upon dispatching Hephasto, Jericho received this drop, which allowed him to max out his MF. The Helm (72%), armor (96%), gloves (37%), belt (30%) and jewelry (~50%) all added up to a nice percentage. Too bad no good stuff dropped in this area, though he was able to complete his first ever set in a tournament, Hsaru's. He's still on the march for the final piece to Iratha's...

The Diablo fight was at /P3. No need to spend an inordinate amount of time on this guy. His drop was garbage but that's OK. On to Harrogath!

Jericho, level 65 helper Paladin, Harrogath
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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Jericho forged forward into the mountains of Harrogath. Along the pathway he explored every nook and cranny, save for this one, unreachable without teleport.

In the mountain passes Jericho realized about exactly how stupid Alziheer, trusty warrior, truly is. Yes, in this shot he is actively engaging the door at the that a Berzerker is attacking him from the backside. Inconceivable!!!

Fortunately, a grey Ogre Axe dropped somewhere in Act 5 as well. Combined with the Um rune which Mephisto was so willing to drop at his soulstone's destruction, we lack only the sockets and the Shael for a Crescent Moon. Also, the Shael would be necessary for a Duress RW for the merc, but I think Crescent Moon is better against most enemies save for the Lightning Immune Ancient. Might have to make a Strength RW (If I can find another Amn Rune) for that battle. As it is I am searching high and low for a simple Shael, which has not presented itself yet.

In the Halls of Pain, and indeed all of the Halls areas, the going was very slow. The Thorns aura was mostly useless as a result of most of the enemies being either ranged (tons of flayer blowdart guys here) or Spawners. Thorns worked very well against them but they still replicated quickly, so Jericho was forced to break out some Conversion on them.

I toned down the players settings to /P3 for the minion waves, except for Lister's crew, which was a breeze at /P1. Should have left it at /P3 but until the OW starts taking effect, they'll never damage themselves enough via the thorns to go down. Here is an action shot of that fight. Nothing really exciting. They'd push Alziheer against a wall and I'd heal him up. If a MoD came toward Jericho, he'd run away, Alziheer would die and I'd try over.

Baal was the worst I have ever experienced him. I took him on at /P1 but at the last WP I decided against bringing my Slows Target gear from ATMA. I have Cleglaw's gloves and the General's flail ready to go. Biggest mistake I've made in Diablo in a long time. He took about 30 town trips to restock potions and at least 40 minutes to go down. Alziheer and his Malice Partizan barely dented him. It was terrible. I will not forget the power of slow next time.

Here is Baal's drop.

The Cows were a pain in the butt. The king was almost adjacent to the portal. Alziheer must have bitten the dust 5 times just opening up a beachhead. Look at the minimap to see what I'm talking about. I killed the king at /P5.

On to Hell!

I'd invested some skill points getting to Sanctuary, figuring that most of the PIs would be undead. It didn't take me long out of the gate to realize that undead PIs might not be my biggest problem. This guy required me to flash Holy Freeze to begin the bleeding by the merc. No aura really helps at this point so I usually use Cleansing in these instances, but with the number of Stone Skin bosses in Hell likely to be Physical Immune, this could be a long difficulty. Some of the monsters in the underground areas took about 10 minutes each to bleed out. Ick.

Coldcrow would have been difficult if her crew weren't nice enough to piecemeal themselves into Alziheer's clutches. I usually flash to Concentration since Thorns does no good against ranged attackers. It helps pull Alziheer's still puny damage back into decentness. I use Malice still because everything runs away or he changes his mind on what to attack so often that the continued damage is a real blessing.

In a strange twist of tournament fate, this dropped in the Mausoleum (at /P3, which is my standard for now). I figured it would be a Nokozan Relic but it turned out to be this, which is pretty useless in this tournament since my character can't have one of the stats.
Alziheer dispatched Blood Raven after leading her zombies away and pinning her against an obstacle. Good thing she's too stupid to jump over that headstone and run away! She had cold arrows and knockback, a most annoying set of ammunition.

I wimped out and parked this guy. His buddy took over 10 minutes to bleed out and it was late so I made like Brave Sir Robin and ran away.

The entrance to the Tower Level 5 had a double boss pack, which yielded me absolutely no maneuver room. Good thing I have some purples to take care of that! I did that level on /P1. The Countess drop proved that I wasted my time, as the drops have dried up quite a bit since being forced to don more survivability gear.

Just before stopping at the Outer Cloister, in the depths of the Pit, we have an opportunity to show how this style of play can really come in to its own: against a stack of enemies, Alziheer dominated them all with zero risk to Jericho. Well done men!

Drops in A5NM included:
Hel, Amn (my first in the entire game!!!) and Dol Runes
IK Forge
Ethereal Ogre Axe (come on, Shael please!)
Lidless Wall
Boneslayer Blade
Rite of Passage
Knell Striker (Grailer baby!)
Pus Spitter
Treads of Cthon
+3 summoning skills (Necro) circlet
+3 cold skills circlet

Drops in A1H so far include:
Highlord's Wrath
Kinemil's Awl
Haemosu's Adamant
+3 offensive auras amulet (gambled)
Lion Branded GC (vanilla, and I'm not even going to use it!)

Resistances are OK (fire and lightning are 69 and 66) and I was able to keep wearing the Chance Guards and Goldwrap so MF isn't quite in the toilet.

Jericho, level 77 helper Paladin, Hell Outer Cloister


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

What! Wait! . . oh noes! My Patsy has been passed!? (Hmm, perhaps it’s about time I get going again :grin: ).

Er, um, on topic:

Congrats on reaching and Hell and clearing the Forgotten Tower! Nice finds too (shame the Highlords can’t be used but it will be interesting to see what becomes of the Um Rune). Good luck in areas to come! :thumbup:


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Han, you're going to have to get cracking if you want to catch up, because Jericho and Alziheer have forged even further ahead in their quest to defeat Baal thrice.

I played the rest of Act 1 hell on /P3, past the outer cloister waypoint. It's not too bad once you get used to the pace, and the drops are better. Lots of money for gambling since I still pack over 260% GF and 253% MF when Alziheer makes the kills. I think when the monster kills themselves on the thorns I don't get any MF and GF bonuses. The gold pile size differential is huge.

The barracks and jail were no problem. Jericho's Malice Mancatcher and thorns wore enemies down quickly. He was two shot killing most carvers, and we'd pulled them a bit away from the shaman so resurrections weren't a problem. Even in areas where we couldn't pull the minions away, a healthy dose of level 6 redemption got rid of the bodies before too long. Too easy.

At the Inner Cloister WP I switched difficulties to have Larzuk punch holes in the ethereal Ogre Axe. I had no Amn runes at the time. I figured that the three sockets would be appropriate for a weapon upgrade to his current non-eth mancatcher, so I made a new Malice RW in the Ogre Axe. Jericho has two Hel runes awaiting a Shael drop to change out the weapon to Crescent Moon. His damage is around 600-2000 when Thorns is active, and about 800-2900 when Concentrate is active.

None of the remainder of Act 1 was difficult. No stair traps beyond the Countess level 5, no doorway ambushes in the catacombs, and all was well. I did snag Venom Ward from ATMA at Catacombs level 2 WP. Alziheer appreciated it I am sure. I took Andariel at /P3 but could have gone higher for more drops, but this was not bad. The Deathbit was ethereal this time, but with a crappy ED roll. Fairly useless stuff.

Here is a funny GC I got in the Sewers. Minimum damage prefixes on grand charms are ridiculous. Before leaving the sewers, I paid a visit to Radament, who was stripped of his friends by careful employment of Redemption. It took a while for him to go down but it was never in doubt.

In the Stony Tomb I ran up against Creeping Feature and some of his cronies but he wasn't too bad. The only time I seem to get in trouble is when Alziheer gets completely surrounded by undead and I can't find a straight path to shoot holy bolts into his back. He goes down quick without constant healing, and even when being healed, sometimes dies when cursed and being hit by a few hard hitters like zombies.

In the Stony Tomb I ended up getting two nice armors in the same room. I probably won't use either, but it is cool to see two exceptional unique armor drops in the same room. Bloodwitch was easy as she killed herself in seconds. She cursed Alziheer which caused even more damage to herself.

I took the Maggot Lair at /P1. I knew there was a good chance for PI swarms, and I was right; they were on all floors. Alziheer had to put on a new helm to grant him the strength to wield the ethereal ogre axe Malice (he needed +9 when I made it) and so I used a gambled circlet that has resistances, +10 strength, +1 pally skills (useless I know) and 1-101 lightning damage. The lightning damage and open wounds dealt with the PI swarms very well. I just didn't want to do it at /P3.

In Coldworm's lair, it wasn't crowded right off the bat, so Jericho ran in and converted the two nearest bugs to the staff chest, grabbed the staff and left. He popped a portal in the hallway (not dumb enough to stay in the room; I've done that move before) and stashed the staff in town. Upon return to the lair, bugs had multiplied greatly. Alziheer was facing an army of bugs, right at the entrance, unable to move. But he was far enough in so that multiple bugs could attack him, so the thorns worked its magic. Once he was able to step into the room more than a step, I could help. I ended up converting some of the larger bugs to create more friends, and in just a few minutes we had it manageable.

A1 finds include:
Skewer of Krinitz
Junk Andariel dropped

A2 finds so far include:
Sureshrill Frost
Demon Machine
Silks of the Victor
Spirit Shroud
Amn rune (woo hoo! I need more)
Also we gambled another +3 summoning skills (necro) which makes two now.

Jericho, level 80 helper Paladin, and Alziheer the real moron hero, Far Oasis WP


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Got Duriel?

Alziheer and Jericho had a tough slog through the rest of act 2 in the past couple of weeks. In fact, they still have three false tombs to clear in search of monsters to kill. Gotta get a Shael rune, dang it.

But before we get too far along, let's see the route that the guys traveled to eventually find Tyrael. After dispatching Coldworm, they bumped up against a horde of undead in the Ancient Tunnels. Guys like that hit hard and end up going down pretty quickly.

The Tunnels were simply a place to find more loot, but the path lay through the Viper Temple. Events like this Door Block move by Alziheer were very successful. Makes for relatively safe questing. What turned out to be difficult was this rotten Sarcophagus. At /P3 those danged zombies came out far faster than I could kill them. Eventually we led the 20 or so away far enough that the thing stopped spawning. Then Jericho converted a couple and it became less dangerous to stand in the way of the door opening and it finally went down. That room took about 1/2 hour by itself.

A potential stair trap turned out OK as the holy bolts were locked on well enough to keep Alziheer vertical. Some monster packs can overpower the holy bolts but not in this case, luckily.

At this point I realized why I kept 50 spare stat points handy. It was a big upgrade to my armor, which to that point had been a rare plate mail with two sockets (filled with Ral runes) and some inherent poison resist. Once I got all my strength charms rounded up, used the points necessary to equip the Griswold's Heart, I put two more Rals in there as well as a PTopaz, giving myself some more MF to go along with the faster Vigor (Jericho's switch is always vigor). Good to go!

The Summoner went down very quickly with some Mighty Concentration and Alziheer's ethereal Malice Ogre Axe.

In one of the false tombs, Pulse Tongue the Quick was a pretty big pain in the butt. He took a while to go down. He got into a rhythm of beating Alziheer silly which occasionally meant his bleeding stopped and his health went skyrocketing upward. Ugh. I converted some of his buddies so they would go down quicker when the 16 seconds wore off. Otherwise I think I'd still be fighting them.

In another false tomb, I ran up against a double boss pack stack right at the entrance. I had to take off running down a blind corridor, which is always dangerous in these tombs, in order to pull the skeleton minions away from their masters so I could kill them and redeem the bodies. Touch and go but we made it.

Boss 1 and Boss 2. Sorry I couldn't get a better screenie with the dozens of skeletons in the mix. It was even more fun when Alziheer got completely surrounded by undead; they'd block the holy bolts and then his health would plummet. Bad news. I lost ole Alziheer a bucketload of times in this act. Shouldn't be too bad from Act III onward though, except in the flayer dungeon areas.

Items salvaged during this half of act II:
Green Breast Plate x 2
Face of Horror
+3 Barb Masteries amulet
Berserker's Hatchet
Another skiller
Serpent Lord
Civerb's Shield
Isenhart's Shield

Pretty disappointed in those drops considering that there are a ton of monsters in this act and my MF is still really good. Most of the act, including Duriel, were at /P3. Oh well.

Jericho, level 82 helper Paladin, Kurast Docks


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Nice updates and progress OldSoldier!

I’m inspired to play (again) . . . but only until I remember that it takes my poor Patsy 45+ minutes to clear an area . . . and then I’m pretty content to leave the hero business to Jericho :thumbup: .

I noticed that you’ve managed not to use the Um Rune yet (it’ll be interesting to see where that ace in the hole ends up :scratchchin: ).

Good luck in Act 3!


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Thanks Han. For this tournament I've had to dial down my speed expectations, and pretty much aim to go from one WP to the next, including all areas along the way, during a session. Act 2 is hard once you hit the Canyon WP because it is so big. I've played in three sessions to clear the Canyon and four tombs so far. So now I'm forced to haul to the entrances to the tombs, leaving a string of POed monsters just outside the door when I go in. It is like a reverse stair trap! So far I haven't gotten myself deeded. In fact, I think act 1 hell was my last NDE.

Yep that Um is resting comfortably in ATMA. Who would have thought I'd go 12 nearly full clear acts without a Shael? I've only found one Sol so cubing up isn't an option either.

Edit: I finished the last three false tombs last night. Couple dicey situations where I didn't have anywhere to run at the entrance, and I had one double boss pack and champion pack all in the same room, which was fun. Also another place that two undead guardians were near a sarcophagus. I just had to wait until the mummies stopped popping out on their own to continue. However, I found a 27% res all Skin of the Vipermaji, but I doubt I'll use it at least until act V. I also found a 30% cold resistance GC, which exactly maxes me out at 75% if I keep it, and an IK Ogre Maul (38% CB). Good stuff but as of yet, unnecessary. Oh yeah, and a single El rune. These three took me 2.5 hours at /P3.
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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Big update today, as I've been busy with Jericho and Alziheer.

We begin this update with an omission: I stated I was missing two Sol runes needed to cube up to a Shael (which I've still not gotten after all this time, including this update) but in actuality, I already had more than one sol. So either a Shael or Sol drop would give me a Shael necessary to upgrade Alziheer's equipment.

The final three false tombs went by without much hassle, except for a nice guardian two boss pack stack and this guy, a tribute to Insane Wayne.

Act III began with a nice find in the jungle. This is a very good situational weapon, enabling Jericho to break some physical immunes and teleport around at will. It will definitely come in handy against Mephisto, Diablo, the Ancients and Baal. Mostly against the Ancients and Baal, in my reckoning.

Here is a shot of a tough-to-kill slug, like Alziheer, though mobs with the ability to curse him or cause him to move around, thus making my holy bolts miss, definitely increase his frailty.

And then it dropped! Behold the key to faster gameplay! After realizing that I had two more in ATMA, it turned this weapon, decent enough as it was and very handy at bleeding things out as they ran away, with the help of one of the two Hel runes Jericho had already found, into this behemoth of destruction. Static field FTW! The OW is less reliable now but it has made the gameplay much faster, even at /P3. I even went to /P5 for some areas including Travincal.

Not long after that I got a neat rare, though not great, but my weapons hadn't been great so far. Not needed.

While playing in these tournaments, for some reason my characters always seem to get good drops from Witchdoctor Endugu. None of these were overly useful but I love rares dropping as much as sets and uniques, so this was a cool sight.

Also Jericho got a nice helmet that he might try to socket if something else nicer doesn't come along: Loot. It might bump up his blocking a bit though, which I don't really care too much about.

About the last neat thing I found in the journey was another unique exceptional armor. I might throw it on ole Alziheer for a bump in production. It'd cost me 96% MF though. Steep price for speed, and only some of that.

The council managed to kill Alziheer a couple of times, despite constant holy bolting. Usually it happens when he moves out of my line to attack something else and some bolts miss. Regardless, we got them and took on Mephisto at a leisurely /P3. He hit Jericho with a couple of icy balls of doom but went down without too much hassle, dropping some junk.

But I knew Act IV was short, so I started it on Sunday afternoon. Right out of the gate we hit a Spawner boss pack, which meant I was keeping it at /P1. Dang things reproduce too fast. Here is a spawner party with Alziheer as the guest of honor. Usually when they got that thick, some of the spawner pups would start to beat on Jericho, necessitating a red or two, or a quick flash to redemption to keep things safe. They were just as content to hit Jericho as Alziheer, though I never had more than two or three at a time hitting Jericho. That's just dangerous!

There were spawners all the way to the City of the Damned, so I went up to /P3 there, but Spawners again in the RoF. So back down to /P1 for that. Hellforge reward was lovely but I already have end game worthy gear so no worries.
After stashing my gear (except that Spellsteal thank goodness) at the River of Flame WP, I continued on. The spawn was balrogs, worms and abyss knights. Not bad, but there was a balrog-abyss knight double pack stack slightly up the road from here. I was able to lure the balrog boss away and Decrepify him as shown to break his physical immunity. Once he went down, only the conviction abyss knights remained in this wicked crossfire ambush.

Alziheer, even when getting pumped full of holy bolts and getting rejuves, was crushed time and again by the missiles. He'd shatter, cost me 50K and go down in mere seconds all over again.

So I decided to use the spellsteal to teleport to the bottom of the screen intersection, blindly. There was a worm bosspack there with a PI unbreakable worm who was a pain to go down. But finally I got him down and we could clear around the back side of the abyss knights and conduct a flanking maneuver. I think Alziheer went down once more but with Concentration he does up to 6K damage so a couple of whacks put an Abyss Knight out of business. Soon the boss went down and the conviction was gone and it was easy.

The Chaos Sanctuary was easy. Alziheer died a couple of times and I had my only NDE when a few of the extra fast minions of the balrog seal boss hacked at my cursed paladin before he could get into the portal. Dicey for sure but not 2 HP remaining dicey either. Probably 500 left.
Diablo was decrepified almost constantly, and he went down pretty fast. He did managed to kill Alziheer three or four times anyway, but the result was never really in doubt. I did bring the General's Flail for 50% slow but I guess I never got Cleglaw's gloves, so I couldn't get to 75%. And it was clunky trying to combine slow target with the flail and decrepify with the Spellsteal and healing Alziheer, so I stuck with Decrepify only. It worked.

Also, after dispatching Diablo, I decided to use my imbues on Tiaras. I got normal, NM, and hell, which stunk so I rerolled it twice with PSkulls and got this. I think the NM imbue is OK for a physical melee necro.

Act 3 finds include:
M'avinas Tenet
Trang Oul's Wing
Volcanic Amulet
Culwen's Point
Rose Branded Circlet of Nirvana
Tannr Gorerod
Venomous Amulet
Crow Caw
Brain Hew
Peasant Crown
Priest's Circlet

Act 4 finds include:
Shadow Circlet
Witchhunter's Circlet
Sigon's Gage
Baezil's Vortex
Rite of Passage
Berzerker's Hatchet
Sazabi's Mental Sheath

Jericho, level 85 Paladin, Harrogath


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Jericho's Done

Jericho and Alziheer have finished their journey. This act took far less time once I realized that Jericho had everything he needed to go the distance, so once I reached the Frigid Highlands WP I went strictly to /P1 (which was pretty fast with big merc damage) and skipped the extra areas. If I need to get the WP and Nihlathak quest for extra points, I'll do it later.

I ended up using the Spellsteal quite a bit in this act. I tried it against Soul Cloud but it didn't work so we had to bleed him out slowly. Malice is definitely useful for that, as he went from 25% to 40% life a couple of times before the bleeding resumed.

In the Frozen River, which I went because I wanted to max out the fire and lightning resist, Frozenstein and his buddies were foiled by a small foot bridge a few feet from Alziheer.

Small stair trap at the Ancients' Way. No big deal. There were some good bosses right around the corner though, including a fanatic leaper group that cost me $50K. They hit hard.

Ancients went down on the first roll. I teleported twice with Spellsteal to break them up. In the first picture, Madawc was throwing axes but the holy bolts were keeping up easily.


I didn't use the Spellsteal much for Decrepify but it was nice to have in the back pocket if I'd needed it.

Not far inside the WSK a normal monster dropped this which is a grailer for me. It was a low end roll (253% ED I think) but got +4 to Holy Bolt and +2 to Redemption. I didn't use it but I should have. I wanted the extra mana that Spirit gave me in my fight against Baal. If I did it again I'd probably use it for style.

Here is a bigger stair trap. More OKs in the Throne (they were in two levels of the WSK), along with Gloams (lots in A5 overall) but zero Frenzytaurs in the act. Nice, especially since they can spawn PI.

We parked Lister. One time the static field went off and his health barely moved. No thanks without the Malice.

Baal cloned himself once, but generally he just stood there. Static field shaved a lot of time off of this fight. It probably would have been a huge pain, like NM, if I didn't have that Spellsteal, which I will call the drop of the game.

The End.

Skewer of Krinitz
Dimoak's Hew
The Redeemer
Blood Crescent

Bone Whorl
Required Level: 9
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 14
Fingerprint: 0x92b1ae44
+4 to Energy
+20 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +11%
Cold Resist +6%
Replenish Life +4
10% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Chance Guards
Hailstone Spur
Defense: 3
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 26
Fingerprint: 0x3d7c46c7
Fire Resist +19%
Lightning Resist +36%
Cold Resist +10%
17% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
10% Faster Run/Walk
Scintillating Amulet of Luck
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 51
Fingerprint: 0x864f6962
All Resistances +12
26% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Corruption Circle
Required Level: 13
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 30
Fingerprint: 0x19bd91cc
+1 to Energy
+1 to Maximum Damage
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
Fire Resist +21%
Cold Resist +14%
8% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Griswold's Heart
Plague Horn
Defense: 28
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Level: 51
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 67
Fingerprint: 0xacd7b392
+7 to Minimum Damage
Lightning Resist +30%
Cold Resist +22%
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
Bearded Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 55 to 129
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Strength: 37
Required Level: 39
Axe Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 79
Fingerprint: 0x967b606c
+100 to Mana
+165% Enhanced Damage
Regenerate Mana 25%
Magic Damage Reduced by 14
Requirements -60%
10% Faster Cast Rate
Level 3 Decrepify (2/30 Charges)
Level 10 Holy Bolt (100/100 Charges)
Level 12 Firestorm (60/60 Charges)
Level 1 Teleport (20/20 Charges)
Grand Scepter of Regrowth
One-Hand Damage: 8 to 18
Durability: 60 of 60
Required Strength: 37
Required Level: 24
Mace Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0x47c97a8b
Replenish Life +8
+1 to Meditation (Paladin Only)
+3 to Conversion (Paladin Only)
150% Damage to Undead
Mechanic's Heraldic Shield
Defense: 24
Chance to Block:  50%
Smite Damage: 3 to 9
Durability: 40 of 40
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 40
Fingerprint: 0x80bbc134
All Resistances +66
Socketed (2: 2 used)
Crystal Sword
Superior Rondache  (26% built-in res)
Mercenary Items : 
Gemmed Gothic Plate
Defense: 128
Durability: 55 of 55
Required Strength: 70
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 38
Fingerprint: 0x5cd072f1
96% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Socketed (4: 4 used)
Storm Veil
Defense: 21
Durability: 35 of 35
Required Level: 34
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0xf3a83e21
+10 to Strength
All Resistances +13
Adds 1-106 lightning damage
Level 2 Telekinesis (25/25 Charges)
Crescent Moon
Ogre Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 128 to 661
Durability: 26 of 26
Required Dexterity: 65
Required Strength: 185
Required Level: 47
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 62
Fingerprint: 0x5f6b321c
+205% Enhanced Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+2 to Mana After Each Kill
+10 Magic Absorb
10% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on striking
7% Chance to cast Level 13 Static Field on striking
Level 18 Summon Spirit Wolf (30/30 Charges)
-35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (3: 3 used)
Guardian Jericho, level 86 Paladin, and his trusty Mercenary Alziheer
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Re: Jericho's Done

Guardian Jericho, level 86 Paladin, and his trusty Mercenary Alziheer
You did it! Wow, amazing achievement. And the merc´s weapon is just awesome.

(Sorry that I lost interest in D2 a while ago. It may come back - you never know. My Assassin in this tourney is still only halfway through the first act.)



Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Just read through this thread and I have to say: Way to go OldSoldier!

The only thing I was wondering was: Why didn't you buy a teleport staff from normal Ormus? Would have saved merc and so money: resurrect merc > repair staff.


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc


Awesome work OldSoldier!

I feel sorry that you had to progress by yourself for the most part of this tournament. I guess this tourney was just meant for a select few of us, who have the patience :wink:.

Oh and sorry about the late congratulations, like Jiansonz, i am having a break from D2 and therefore missed your updates all together :(.

Again awesome work :).


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Belated Congratulations on the guardian Oldsoldier! One month, I claim ignorance and being busy with exams...yeah. >_>;;
The speed of your progress was amazing...

Now for my meager update: In Act 3 now.
Giant scarabs defeated by urns
I teleported into the center because I couldn't take Fangskin head-on but still nearly died to just the revivers shooting at me.
Tanked with a The Diggler + Umbral Disk combo I found in Acts 1 & 2.

Since I'm going to be gone soon for a few months (with little to no internet) I'd like to ask now:
Can I upgrade to 1.13 and continue playing Wetef, or should I just continue along in 1.12?

29 + 19 + 2(12) = 72

Merc deaths: 3

Forum Name    Character         Class      Location      Level  Points Merc Deaths
OldSoldier    Jericho           Paladin    Guardian       86    a lot    7+
Hanshotfirst  Patsy             Barbarian  NM Harrogath   67    238     10
Rhia          Sidekick          Necro      NM Kurast      60    196      9
Ancalagon     Crazy_Nurse       Paladin    NM Black Marsh 46    155      4
Pepitosari    Serc              Sorc       Harrogath      36    119     10
DaD           Paige             Sorc       Act 4          32     94      5
cenyth        Wetef             Sorc       Lut Gholein    29     72      3
sapere aude   MrMojo            Necro      Kurast Docks   28     71      0
Abelard       Baldemar          Paladin    Kurast Docks   28     71      1
Chymaera      Moron             Druid      Palace Cellar  24     51      0
Morathi       Mane              Druid      Lut Gholein    20     42      0
Borsk         Matsumoto         Necro      Act 2          21     ?       ?
Caly          Hannah            Amazon     OuterCloister  14     28      0
johnnygreek   Confused          Necro      Black Marsh    15     25      0
QED           Gauss             Necro      Cold Plains     9     13      0
TLOD          Messiah           Paladin    Rogue Camp      1      2   	 0
Kefka         SomeLikeit_Hot    Sorc       Rogue Camp      1      2      0
jiansonz      Celebloth         Assassin   Rogue Camp      1      2      0

cenyth        Ccdshr            Paladin    Deeds          54    179     72
Wikkid        DeclawedKitten    Assassin   Deeds          35    105      0
Vang          Lackey            Paladin    Deeds          32    100     10
cenyth        Dalb              Necro      Deeds          32     93      5
wetef, lvl 29, Kurast Docks


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

The only thing I was wondering was: Why didn't you buy a teleport staff from normal Ormus? Would have saved merc and so money: resurrect merc > repair staff.
Oops sorry, I just saw this myself! After I found the Spellsteal, it was my switch weapon full time. The Spirit was used to cast HB, and Spellsteal used to teleport and cast Decrepify, and it was indeed cheaper than a merc resurrection. I just wasn't always on the stick fast enough to save him!

Cenyth, you might want to PM Morathi and Jiansonz your question. I have a feeling this thread will slip away and be unseen soon again.



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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Cenyth you may upgrade to 1.13.

However respec is banned.

Hope that helps and good luck :).


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

flayer jungle
- used 3 chipped recipe to get a ok-ish hunter bow (+6 max dmg, + 73 AR) and threw a p.emerald and a nef rune inside. Kind of iffy about the knockback, because I tend to dislike mods like knockback and HCMTF that might cause monsters to die over "no item drop areas" (especially in single pass tourneys).
- bow upgrade is nice, things die faster

swampy pit
- are dolls and gloams the only things that can spawn here? i burn my mp to freeze the dolls in their tracks and then cower behind my rogue. No idea what I'll do about champion dolls

flayer dung lvl 2
- ooh NDE there from shaman fire. bad cenyth, don't be lazy, use pots to keep hp full
- knockback affects champions? this I did not know

kurast sewers lvl 1
- klaudia killed bat boss above river due to knockback+fast killing speed =(. I knew this would happen, but argh

- lightning hose instantly kills merc, and takes me to 50% hp and 0% mana
- ooh boy, he must have killed merc at least 20 times
- no standing and tanking, it was all teleport in, let merc shoot a few times, and teleport away as soon as he started to cast any skill

infernal pit
- is that a tarnhelm on the ground? woot
- socketed it immediately with a flawless topaz

cow level
- i usually find the cows scarier than baal

nm cold plains
- I want a Rhyme shield, but I have no Shael. However, I can cube 3 Amns and 2 Sols to one... but those 2 runes have so much utility value that I'm not sure if it would be worth it. (Especially Sol runes for DR, since wetef is an ES sorc). Think I should wait until after countess, or just make one right now?


Run away! (This guy hurt, so teleport kiting was used)
hellforge 1.13, el runes are (relatively) rare(r) now! xD
pit of acheron
easy evil urn
They just sit there...
on my head before i remembered to screeny
nokozan relic
cow king
bloodfist + vidala's something
nightmare reset award
I thought that chars created before 1.13 only get the reward in hell difficulty. ~_^?

49 + 41 + 2(28) = 72

Merc deaths: lost count (thanks Diablo)

Forum Name    Character         Class      Location      Level  Points Merc Deaths
OldSoldier    Jericho           Paladin    Guardian       86    a lot    7+
Hanshotfirst  Patsy             Barbarian  NM Harrogath   67    238     10
Rhia          Sidekick          Necro      NM Kurast      60    196      9
Ancalagon     Crazy_Nurse       Paladin    NM Black Marsh 46    155      4
cenyth        Wetef             Sorc       NM Cold Plains 49    146     23+
Pepitosari    Serc              Sorc       Harrogath      36    119     10
DaD           Paige             Sorc       Act 4          32     94      5
sapere aude   MrMojo            Necro      Kurast Docks   28     71      0
Abelard       Baldemar          Paladin    Kurast Docks   28     71      1
Chymaera      Moron             Druid      Palace Cellar  24     51      0
Morathi       Mane              Druid      Lut Gholein    20     42      0
Borsk         Matsumoto         Necro      Act 2          21     ?       ?
Caly          Hannah            Amazon     OuterCloister  14     28      0
johnnygreek   Confused          Necro      Black Marsh    15     25      0
QED           Gauss             Necro      Cold Plains     9     13      0
TLOD          Messiah           Paladin    Rogue Camp      1      2   	 0
Kefka         SomeLikeit_Hot    Sorc       Rogue Camp      1      2      0
jiansonz      Celebloth         Assassin   Rogue Camp      1      2      0

cenyth        Ccdshr            Paladin    Deeds          54    179     72
Wikkid        DeclawedKitten    Assassin   Deeds          35    105      0
Vang          Lackey            Paladin    Deeds          32    100     10
cenyth        Dalb              Necro      Deeds          32     93      5
wetef, lvl 49, NM Cold Plains


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Re: Tournament: Merc's Merc

Hahahaha nice bump cenyth! :thumbsup:

Good to see you still going strong!