Tournament: Magic Find Olympics!


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Tournament: Magic Find Olympics!

Contest begins: Friday, February 27th, 8pm (local)
Contest ends: Sunday, March 7th, 8pm (local)

(This is so that people who can only play weekends get 2 bigger shots at the competition. Address all complaints to someone you hate other than me.)

A note on start times, and dilemma with timezones. Your start time is by your local time, therefore those in Europe will start a few hours before those playing in America; but on the other end, european players will finish a few hours before american players do. If this is not clear let me know and i will try to explain it better...basically, look at your own clock and start when it says 8pm on Friday night...and stop the 2nd sunday when your clock says 8pm...I remember a lot of people being confused about time zones last time, hopefully this is clearer, maybe not hehe...we shall see.

A brief summary for those who want a succinct overview:

- DO NOT identify Elite set/unique items, unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.
- Remember to keep eligible finds seperate from the rest of your gear - wouldn't you be embarrassed if you discovered you'd actually found a qualifying Gris Redemption or Tyrael's Might but filed it in the wrong place?
- DO NOT post item details until Thursday, March 5th, and then ONLY post them in the appropriate thread (I will start the thread, please do not create one on your own, thanks (although you're welcome to brag anywhere else if you so choose).
- Remember to post all qualifying items by Tuesday, March 9th, Midnight.
- And finally, remember that a Pindle is for life, not just the MFlympics

The Rules!

* All intending participants must register their interest in this thread before the competition commences. No late entries will be accepted.
* Only elite unique & set items dropped by the specified monsters for each category during this week shall be counted towards the results.
* The winning player shall be the one who finds the 'highest ranking' unique or set item.
* In case of 2 players tieing with the same item, the winner shall be decided by the next highest item each of them found, then the next and so on until a clear winner is decided.
* Prize distribution shall be as follows:
* 1st Place - picks 5 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant). Doesn't have to be the highest ranked item the player found.
* 2nd Place - picks 3 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant), excluding 1st & those who have already had an item taken.
* 3rd place - picks 2 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant), excluding 1st, 2nd & those who have already had an item taken.
* Entrants should post details of ALL elite items they find (not just the highest) as soon as possible in the appropriate thread (but see the restriction later). If possible, screenshots of the actual drop and/or item details generated by ATMA should be included. This means fingerprints and such; not necessarily the actual items stats in terms of %ED and whatnot. The item still has to hold some surprise for its new owner.
* All posts of items found should be posted no later than 2 full day (see date) after the competition's conclusion. Anyone who will be unable to post at that time (eg. out of town) should PM me in advance so that they can send me their item details, and I shall post on their behalf.
* Each players elite items should NOT be identified and should be sent to the winner unidentified.
* People can only post their finds from Thursday, March 5th onwards!! This has been done to keep people motivated and increase the suspense. Someone could theoretically find a top notch item on the first day or so; that wouldn't exactly be motivating for the rest of the contestants. It requires a bit more work on your part but i'm sure that you will all understand. Threads for each category will be posted on the day itself. Until then please don't post any finds!! Failure to do so shall result in you becoming an instant meal for the Giant Squid =P

The Categories!

NEW: Each category will be split between versions 1.09 and 1.10 . If there is insufficient interest in a category (my discretion), it will be withdrawn.

-> Hell Mephisto
-> Hell Baal
-> Hell Pindleskin
-> Hell Diablo
-> Act 5 SuperUniques: Depends on version. In 1.09, this comprises Thresh, Eldritch and Shenk. In 1.10s, it's Sharptooth, Eldritch and Shenk.

Eligible finds

The following monsters are the only ones whose drops will be considered in each category:

- Hell Pindle: Pindle and his minions ONLY. The skeletons in the 'garden' do not count.
- Hell Baal: Baal and his 5 minion packs.
- Hell Diablo: If anyone takes him on , Diablo and the 3 Seal Boss packs.
- Hell Meph: Mephy only.
- Act 5 SuperUniques: Thresh/Sharptooth depending on version, Eldritch and his minions, and Shenk.

Any drops from chests or other monsters are yours to keep no matter what, but PLEASE do not confuse them with eligible finds.

The item list!

Items shall be ranked by Pindleskin's chance of dropping the item (with 0%MF on players 1),

the qlvl of the base item type & finally the clvl requirement of the actual item. In case of a tie between items, uniques rank above a set item. The following is the ranking for all elite uniques/set items:


* Griswold's Redemption
* Griswold's Honor
* Stormspire
* Griswold's Valor
* Immortal King's Soul Cage
* Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
* Arkaine's Valor
* Veil of Steel
* The Cranium Basher
* The Grandfather
* Windforce
* Doombringer/Eaglehorn
* Schaefer's Hammer
* Messerschmidt's Reaver
* Nosferatu's Coil
* M'avina's Caster
* Stormshield
* The Gladiator's Bane
* Blackoak Shield
* M'avina's True Sight
* Aldur's Deception
* Taebaek's Glory
* Trang-Oul's Guise
* Tal Rasha's Guardianship
* Trang-Oul's Girth
* Naj's Light Plate
* Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
* Naj's Puzzler
* Baranar's Star
* Natalya's Mark
* M'avina's Embrace
* Ondal's Almighty
* Harlequin Crest
* Hellslayer
* Lightsabre
* Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
* Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
* Credendum
* Natalya's Shadow
* Wizardspike
* Dark Adherent
* Dangoon's Teaching
* Laying of Hands
* Immortal King's Stone Crusher


Tyrael's Might (Unique Sacred Armour)
Darkforce Spawn (Unique Bloodlord Skull)
Death's Web (Unique Unearthed Wand)
Mang Song's Lesson (Unique Archon Staff)
Death's Fathom (Unique Dimensional Shard)
Astreon's Iron Ward (Unique Caduceus)
Dragonscale (Unique Zakarum Shield)
Ravenlore (Unique Sky Spirit)
Spirit Keeper (Unique Earth Spirit)
Schaefer's Hammer (Unique Legendary Mallet)
The Redeemer (Unique Mighty Sceptre)
Heaven's Light (Unique Mighty Sceptre)
Cerebus' Bite (Unique Blood Spirit)
Cranium Basher (Unique Thunder Maul)
Earthshifter (Unique Thunder Maul)
Boneflame (Unique Succubus Skull)
Halaberd's Reign (Unique Conqueror Crown)
Azurewrath (Unique Phase Blade)
Alma Negra (Unique Sacred Rondache)
Templar's Might (Unique Sacred Armour)
Demonhorn's Edge (Unique Destroyer Helm)
Wolfhowl (Unique Fury Visor)
Crown of Ages (Unique Corona)
Griffon's Eye (Unique Diadem)
Shadow Dancer (Unique Myrmidion Greaves)
Steelrend (Unique Ogre Gauntlets)
Griswold's Honor (Set Vortex Shield)
Blood Raven's Charge (Unique Matriarchal Bow)
Veil of Steel (Unique Spired Helm)
Nightwing's Veil (Unique Spired Helm)
Stoneraven (Unique Matriarchal Spear)
The Grandfather (Unique Colossus Blade)
Executioner's Justice (Unique Glorious Axe)
Windforce (Unique Hydra Bow)
***Deathcleaver (Unique Berserker Axe)
***Stormspire (Unique Giant Thresher)
***Gargoyle's Bite (Unique Winged Harpoon)
Steelpillar (Unique War Pike)
Ghostflame (Unique Legend Spike)
Griswold's Redemption (Set Caduceus)
Firelizard's Talons (Unique Feral Claws)
Spirit Ward (Unique Ward)
Giantskull (Unique Bone Visage)
Steel Carapace (Unique Shadow Plate)
Boneshade (Unique Lich Wand)
Ondal's Wisdom (Unique Elder Staff)
Thunderstroke (Unique Matriarchal Javelin)
Arkaine's Valor (Unique Balrog Skin)
Headhunter's Glory (Unique Troll Nest)
Eschuta's Temper (Unique Eldritch Orb)
Horizon's Tornado (Unique Scourge)
Soul Drainer (Unique Vambraces)
Spike Thorn (Unique Blade Barrier)
Steelshade (Unique Armet)
Nosferatu's Coil (Unique Vampirefang Belt)
Dracul's Grasp (Unique Vampirebone Gloves)
Arachnid Mesh (Unique Spiderweb Sash)
Blackoak Shield (Unique Luna)
Stone Crusher (Unique Legendary Mallet)
M'avina's Caster (Set Grand Matron Bow)
Warshrike (Unique Winged Knife)
***Doombringer (Unique Champion Sword)
***Eaglehorn (Unique Crusader Bow)
Leviathan (Unique Kraken Shell)
Medusa's Gaze (Unique Aegis)
Jade Talon (Unique Wrist Sword)
Stormshield (Unique Monarch)
Marrowwalk (Unique Boneweave Boots)
Gladiator's Bane (Unique Wire Fleece)
Kira's Guardian (Unique Tiara)
Gutsiphon (Unique Demon Crossbow)
Fleshripper (Unique Fanged Knife)
***Frostwind (Unique Cryptic Sword)
***Messerschmidt's Reaver (Unique Champion Axe)
Natalya's Mark (Set Scissors Suwayyah)
Verdungo's Hearty Cord (Unique Mithril Coil)
Andariel's Visage (Unique Demonhead)
Harlequin Crest (Unique Shako)
Lacerator (Unique Winged Axe)
Widowmaker (Unique Ward Bow)
Tomb Reaver (Unique Cryptic Axe)
Wraithflight (Unique Ghost Glaive)
Canebeak (Unique War Spike)
Sandstorm Trek (Unique Scarabshell Boots)
Ormus' Robes (Unique Dusk Shroud)
Immortal King's Soul Cage (Set Sacred Armour)
Griswold's Valor (Set Corona)
M'avina's True Sight (Set Diadem)
Shadowkiller (Unique Battle Cestus)
Razor's Edge (Unique Tomahawk)
Nord's Tenderizer (Unique Truncheon)
Bloodmoon (Unique Elegant Blade)
Djinnslayer (Unique Ataghan)
The Reaper's Toll (Unique Thresher)
Flamebellow (Unique Balrog Blade)
Demon's Arch (Unique Balrog Spear)
Runemaster (Unique Ettin Axe)
Baranar's Star (Unique Devil Star)
Lightsabre (Unique Phase Blade)
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian (Set Mythical Sword)
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge (Set Colossus Blade)
Demon Limb (Unique Tyrant Club)
Gimmershred (Unique Flying Axe)
Taebaek's Glory (Set Ward)
Trang-Oul's Guise (Set Bone Visage)
Aldur's Deception (Set Shadow Plate)
Tal Rasha's Guardianship (Set Lacquered Plate)
Trang-Oul's Girth (Set Troll Belt)
Hellrack (Unique Colossus Crossbow)
Naj's Puzzler (Set Elder Staff)
Viperfork (Unique Mancatcher)
Hellslayer (Unique Decapitator)
Ethereal Edge (Unique Silver-Edged Axe)
Naj's Light Plate (Set Hellforge Plate)
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator (Set Balrog Skin)
Windhammer (Unique Ogre Maul)
Bonehew (Unique Ogre Axe)
Arioc's Needle (Unique Hyperion Spear)
Wizardspike (Unique Bone Knife)
M'avina's Embrace (Set Kraken Shell)
Ondal's Almighty (Set Spired Helm)
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer (Set Cryptic Sword)
Natalya's Shadow (Set Loricated Mail)
Credendum (Set Mithril Coil)
Dark Adherent (Set Dusk Shroud)
Laying of Hands (Set Bramble Mitts)
Dangoon's Teaching (Set Reinforced Mace)
Immortal King's Stone Crusher (Set Ogre Maul)

The SPF Junior MFlympics - I wont be doing a Junior category this time, because this is my first time organizing the olympics, so i apologize for that, i dont want to get things confused. If this goes smoothly for me and everyone involved then i will include the Junior part in the next tournament...sorry again...

Other important info

-> The contest is being run by me, so any questions should obviously be pointed in my direction. If you wish to send me a PM do so or just post a question...

-> To join: Post in this thread (do not PM me, do not post anywhere else, here is the OFFICIAL thread), stating: Version (1.09, 1.10) and Category. You are permitted to change your entry, but you may not do so after the start of the competition. Finally, you may enter in up to 3 categories only - this may be relaxed if demanded.

Other info will be added in future posts by me in this thread.

To quote a great forumite: May all your drops be green and gold!



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Finally, the MFO has started! I shall be running Hell Mephisto, Hell Pindle, and Hell Diablo if I have time. Good luck running this, it gets confusing when everyone posts their finds. Cheers!


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Hmm, are you sure that the we should use the rarity list based on Pindle drops? If I remember correctly Hakai said drops ate quite different from that in some areas. And how about lvl 85 areas category?


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You should really Area lvl 85 in this thing. Otherwise you'll be missing quite a few people who can't run the others category.


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I would love to do the MFO agian this time around.(shows how much of a life I don't have)

Sign me up for...

-> Hell Mephisto
-> Hell Pindleskin
-> Act 5 SuperUniques: 1.10 Sharptooth, Eldritch and Shenk.


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My mistake, i thought that i had added the 85 areas on the list as a category to run...I am not sure what all the level 85 areas are though, so if someone could either post it here or PM me so i know...thanks...


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I'll get in on Hell Baal 1.10 if we get a correct item list for him and him alone. I also might get in on lvl 85 area's if again we get a correct list...


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lvl 85 area:
Maggot lair lvl3
ancient tunnels
sewer lvl2
forgotten temple
ruined fane
disused reliquary
river of flame
chaos sanctury
throne of distruction
worldstone chamber


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SincereX13 said:
I'll get in on Hell Baal 1.10 if we get a correct item list for him and him alone. I also might get in on lvl 85 area's if again we get a correct list...
With the DropCalc in ATMA getting an accurate item list should be as easy as 3.14...


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is anyone willing to come up with correct list for the categories, im no good with figuring out TC intricities...would really appreciate it, otherwise we are going to have to stick with the list shade produced...

everyone annoyed at my tournament yet? hehe