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Tournament Ideas - Defense Against the Dark Arts

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by mwille, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. mwille

    mwille IncGamers Member

    Apr 14, 2006
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    Tournament Ideas - Defense Against the Dark Arts

    Yes, it's me with more tournament ideas. Once again, if anyone wants to organize & post an official tourney using one of these ideas, please do.

    Defense Against the Dark Arts

    You may use any weapon(s) & charms, however, in order to aid in your defense against the dark arts all other items must list + to light radius as one of its mods.

    Since this will be to see how well a character can develop their defenses, all skills will be classified as Defensive or Offensive. Offensive will be defined as any skill that causes, adds, or increases any kind of damage, increases attack rating (or decreases enemy’s defense), increases attack speed, or creates a minion that does any of those. Any other skill will be considered Defensive unless it is a synergy for an Offensive skill that you plan on using (in which case it will be reclassified as Offensive). Some skills that may not be completely obvious are Pierce, Confuse, Attract, & Conversion, which would be Offensive. Holy Shield will be Defensive unless you plan to use Smite. Obviously, some classes will have more Defensive skills than others, but that can’t be helped.

    You may place points into any Defensive skills as you see fit. You are only allowed to place points into Offensive skills using the points you receive as quest rewards, one point for each time you kill an act end boss (in each difficulty), & one point each time your character reaches a level that is a multiple of 10. (I’m hoping this will give access to enough skills to kill things, but not so many as to be able to ignore Defensive skills.)

    I’m thinking that the Act 2 Defensive merc would fit in best with this theme, & his equipment should follow the same rules.

    Any /players setting would be OK, & redoing areas would not be allowed.

    -1pt for each Character Level.
    +1pt for each Waypoint.
    +2pts for each Quest.

    My original thought was to divide the entrants into "Houses" & have them compete for the following awards, but I doubt that there would be enough to make that work well. (I searched for an online sorting hat & found several, all but one time I came up as Ravenclaw.)

    Additional points (see below) will be awarded to the brightest, the most unique, & the most envious for each act. You may qualify for each award only once per difficulty. In the event of a tie, each person will receive the award.

    The Brightest – +2pts for the one using items with the highest total +light radius (without switching out items just to increase the total).
    The Most Unique - +1pt for the one to find the most unique (gold) items per act (duplicates don’t count).
    The Most Envious - +1pt for the one to find the most set (green) items per act (duplicates don’t count).

    Here's another idea that came to me while thinking about the one above.

    The Defenseless Tournament

    It has been said that the best defense is a good offense, so that is the idea behind this tourney. You may use any weapon(s), however, all other items (even charms) must increase your offense in some way (+damage, IAS, +AR, etc.).

    Since this will be to see if a good offense can indeed replace defense, any skills that are not offensive or that have defensive properties or uses will be NOT be allowed (other than a prerequisite). Any completely offensive skills will not be restricted in any way.

    Since minions & mercs serve as distractions (& therefore are partly defensive), they would not be allowed.

    Any /players setting would be OK, as well as redoing areas.
  2. cade88

    cade88 IncGamers Member

    Jul 1, 2003
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    i like the idea for the second tourney, question would casters be allowed and how would it be scored it needs to be worked on a little bit but could definately turn into a great tournament idea
  3. Quickdeath

    Quickdeath IncGamers Member

    Sep 18, 2004
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    What appeals to alot of us is thinking through the logic of a build as constrained by the tourney rules. And the rules should have a theme.

    So the first idea might be changed a bit. The idea of characters that glow (like the Liberace character that someone has made) is appealing, but it will get hard to find items -its very limiting. So I'd recommend that you relax on the skill limitations. Maybe restrict everyone to offensive skills that use Lightning, Fire or magic (the glowing theme) plus physical skills involving weapons (socketed or not) that are augmented by fire or lightning.

    The 2nd idea is more interesting but has technical problems to work out. Are Blaze of Speed & Teleport defensive? Are cold skills that slow & immobilize defensive? And it seems that sorcs would have too great an advantage -maybe just outlaw them.

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