Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer


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Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

Hello. I have been lurking here for quite some time, but don't post that much. Anyway, I thought I would share a tournament idea I had and see if there was any interest. I could host if there is, or would be fine if someone else wanted to host it. Anyway, here goes:

Basic Idea
Use all Super Unique monster drops, and progress through the game using these. See link below for list of Super Uniques.

No twink.
Single pass.
Hardcore, or soft, but 1st death ends your tournament entry at that point.
Any player setting. No player 8 cheese.
Town repairs and heals allowed. Stash allowed.
Full clears not necessary, but you must visit and kill each Super Unique once’ and only once per difficulty. The order of Super Uniques kills is not critical, but keep it reasonable. If you want to hold off on Coldcrow until after you have slain Bloodraven and/or Bonebreaker, that is fine. The Act boss should always be the last Super Unique kill before proceeding to the next Act.

All Super Unique drops must be used if possible.
1. Class-specific items you can’t use. Discard or sell.
2. Ethereal items. You may discard or sell. If you opt to use, and it breaks, that slot remains empty until replaced with a future Super Unique drop.
3. Gems, runes, arrows, bolts, or throwing potions. You are not required to make use of these if dropped.
4. Javelins and throwing weapons. These lose durability (quantity) even when you melee. You may discard or sell. If you opt to use them, and it breaks, quantity runs out, you are without a weapon until another drops from a Super Unique.

You may purchase arrows, bolts, keys, scrolls, tomes, and potions at any time throughout your adventure.
You may use starting equipment and anything you find, buy, or gamble until that item slot is filled with a Super Unique item drop. Once an item slot is filled with a Super Unique drop, it can only be replaced by another Super Unique drop. As you progress, the older drops will get replaced with newer drops.

Example 1: Corpsefire drops a cap, sword, and shield. You must equip all of those, and fight on. Then Coldcrow drops a cap and leather armor, you equip both of these, discarding the older Corpsefire cap.

Example 2: If you have finished Act 1 killing all Super Uniques and equipping their drops, but no helm has ever dropped, you are still free to use any found, bought, or gambled helm.

Make one weapon switch 1-handers, and the other 2-handers (maul, bow, xbow, etc.)

Example 3: You are using a sword and shield, and a bow drops, you put the bow on the 2H switch. Then if a club drops, you can go back to the 1H switch and continue using the shield with the club, discarding the sword. A shield drop will put you back to using your 1H switch.

If a 1-hander and a 2-hander both fall from the same Super Unique, you can choose which to use, discarding the other. Dual-wielding allowed.

At the beginning, I would advise keeping a cheat sheet to track what item slots are locked in as Super Unique drops.

Attribute Restrictions
Each level up must put 2 points in strength and 2 points in dexterity. The last point can be used however you want. This is necessary to give the best chance of using all possible drops.

If for some reason, you don’t have high enough attributes to use the drop at the time, continue using whatever is in that current equipment slot until you can use it. If something else drops that would replace the piece you are holding, discard the older drop and use the newer.

You may use any mercenary, but you can NOT equip them. No armor, helm, shield, or weapons.

I really figured this tournament for a Barbarian, but I suppose other classes could work.
The Barbarian would have the following skill restriction:
War Cry restricted to 1 hard point. All others skills allowed.

Other classes and their restrictions:
Amazon – Valkyrie restricted to 1 hard point. All others skills allowed.
Paladin – No Blessed Hammer, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Holy Shock, or Vengeance. All other skills allowed.
Sorceress – Allowed skills are Warmth, Enchant, Fire Mastery, Cold Armors, Cold Mastery, Lightning Mastery, Energy Shield, Telekenesis, and Teleport. No other skills allowed.
Druid – Ravens, Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine, Spirit of Barbs, Cyclone Armor, Werebear, Werewolf, and Lycanthropy are allowed. No other skills allowed.
Necromancer – All curses, Bone Armor, Bone Prison, Bone Wall, Poison Dagger are allowed.
Assassin – Shadow Warrior and Master restricted to 1 hard point. No traps. All other skills allowed.

Opinions welcome on skills that should be banned/allowed.

Additional Comments
You are free to clear the immediate area after killing a Super Unique, in order to make it safe to pick up their loot.

The Council near the Compelling Orb can be tricky since they are all grouped together. If you can draw them out one-by-one, make the kill, swap equipment after each one, do so. If you end up killing all 3 without switching equipment in between, that is understandable. You are only allowed equipment drops from Toorc Icefist, Geleb Flamefinger, and Ismail Vilehand. None of the regular Council Member monster drops are considered Super Unique drops. Same goes for Bremm Sparkfist. Only his drops are Super Unique, none of his posse’s drops.

Another tricky part, probably more so than the Council is going to be the Throne waves. Do your best to keep track of what the Super Unique dropped, grab it, and back off, make the swap to the new drops, and continue with the next wave.

Tournament Winner would be character to get the furthest, or lowest level Guardian or Patriarch/Matriarch.

Would there be any interest in a tournament like this?
Any comments or suggestions on making it better?
Would it be too much of a grind with the random junk drops?
Should I incorporate imbues and personalizations? Maybe allowing an imbued item to be permanent, same with a personalized item?



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Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

I'm not saying that the above idea is good or bad. Seems reasonable in theory, though I will say that killing Super Uniques seems pretty standard in most single pass tournaments. Maybe there's some that get skipped due to safety or being out of the way... I can't recall.

What I thought this tournament idea would be wasn't to KILL them, but to EMULATE them. Your character would pick only the skills that fit what a Super Unique uses. For example:

Bloodraven: Amazon with Fire Arrow (maybe Cold Arrow, too?) and summons by way of Decoy and Valk
Pindleskin/Bonesaw: Chargadin with a 2-hander equipped
Thresh Socket: Werebear using Shockwave (Maul's okay, maybe minions too, but no Fire Claws)
Stormtree: Frenzybarb
Nihlathak: Necro using Corpse Explosion and Revives
Dac Farren: Sorc using with Fireball, Frost Nova (death animation) and Teleport!
Snapchip Shatter: Druid with Arctic Blast (good luck to THIS guy!)

The build selection is rather limited, but it's at least creative... :coffee:


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Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

I didn't really elaborate as to why I allowed or banned the certain skills. I was trying to make it so you had to USE the weapons that were dropped. Being restricted to Super Unique's drops wouldn't really bother a necro summoner, and probably not a sorceress or traps sin, among others.

The whole tournament idea is to keep your equipment constantly changing. The barb character is the one I thought fit with this idea best. I'm not really sure how far a character could get. As the rules stand now, I'd be impressed with someone making it through normal. Who knows what your resists might be facing Diablo, and you might end up fighting him with a 2-handed maul (no blocking).

Interesting idea on emulating the various Super Uniques.

Thanks for the input.


Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

I see a problem of knowing what a super unique dropped.

Let's take Bisibosh as an example (but Baal's minioins are other good one). He works in the middle of a fallen camp. To really be sure to know what he dropped you must either: kill him only or clear all items away before killing him. Both these options are not very appealing.

Imagine doing the same thing in the Throne of Destruction, while Baal decreps you. No way.
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Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

@tavaritz: I did some more play testing last night and I see what you mean. I was able to discern what they dropped, but that is normal difficulty early Act 1.

I was trying it on players 8. Corpsefire dropped a bow. Killing stuff in Cold Plains took a little bit. :) I knocked it back down to players 3 until Bishibosh dropped a dagger/cap.

I think this is better off as a variant type thing. Play it if you want. I would be interested in any stories, but I don't think it is going to fly as a tournament. I plan on playing it through, to see how it plays out.

Any further opinions are welcome. :scratchchin:



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Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

It's a cool idea for a tournament! Here are my thoughts:

The ethereal item rules isn't good because then no one would ever use them. Let them be a bonus ("Oh cool, I get to use this powerful weapon for a few battles") rather than a hindrance ("Darn, that item is ethereal...if I use it, I may not have a weapon for a while...wasted drop!").

Is there a reason why you aren't allowed to repair throwing weapons?

The 1h+1h/2h rule is interesting. On one hand, I don't like it because it doesn't really fit with the tournament at all. But on the other, it's not a bad rule. Maybe it would encourage barbarians to wield bows?...hmm. I'd take it out since it seems extraneous, and I'm all about having the simplest tournament rules possible.

I really like the str/dex rule. It has a justification (so you can use all your drops) and it adds challenge to the tournament. Nice!:thumbup:

The merc rule is good, too. Those guys cheapen far too many tournaments. Actually, if I were you, I would just take them out completely. 1) get a Rogue, 2) never equip her, 3) when she dies, never get another merc.

For Druids, why not just allow all Shapeshifting skills and all Summoning skills except Wearbear restricted to one point? This would prevent summoners from completing the game as their summons don't deal damage, while allowing the rest of the skills to work. If Enchant is allowed, why not Fire Claws? Also, you may as well disallow all elemental skills, including Cyclone Armor. No one is going to develop the elemental tree just to get a strong Cyclone Armor, so that's basically just wasted text in your rules. ;)

I like the rest of the skill restrictions.

I think the highest level Guardian/Mat/Pat should win, not the lowest. If they are higher, that means that they A) risked clearing more areas or B) risked clearing them on a higher players setting or C) both A and B. Taking on those extra challenges should be rewarded, not punished, I think.

As for the comments on the difficulty of telling what dropped: that's part of the fun of the tournament! You have to kill things one by one, so you can tell who dropped what.;)

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Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

Cool idea, I'm gonna modify it though. At first I was thinking doing only kill super-uniques, but that seems like it'd get hard so I'm gonna try only killing super unique, uniques, and champions, single pass, no shopping (except potions and scrolls). Should be interesting!


Re: Tournament Idea: Super Unique Killer

Cool idea, I'm gonna modify it though. At first I was thinking doing only kill super-uniques, but that seems like it'd get hard so I'm gonna try only killing super unique, uniques, and champions, single pass, no shopping (except potions and scrolls). Should be interesting!
What about keys? Had to ask :whistling:

Seems interresting. Wakikis point on ethereals is IMHO quite good. Let people use the previous item when the ethereal breaks. Ie. you revert back to what was in the slot when you replaced it with the ethereal item.