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Tournament idea - Burdens of the Cathedral

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Machete, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Machete

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    Oct 1, 2008
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    Tournament idea - Burdens of the Cathedral

    Hi everyone, I'm back! (Who? - *cue tumbleweed*)

    [ignore]Well I must say Diablo II is an amazing game. I think its pretty safe to say I will still be playing this game when I'm old and grey, its a drug. After quitting following the last Winter MFO I was promptly back playing on Bnet racing up the ladder when I heard of the 1.13 patch reset. After a couple of months of that it was pretty safe to say I never wanted to see Lord de Seis ever again. Months later again I thought I was in the clear, and was merrily browsing the net today when I see this website page in my bookmarks tab. One browse of the SPF and I'm hopelessly hooked once again. :thumbsup: [/ignore]

    Anyway a tournament idea that I've been thinking about lately was basically a Diablo I style tournament. Looking through the tournament listings I see there was genuine interest in terms of Cius' Fresh Meat tourney. I was thinking of making a D2 tournament played with "D1 rules" so to speak. Restrictions would be along the lines of:

    - Single pass (of course as originally in D1), HC
    - No mercenaries, its you vs them
    - Magical items will be your characters bread and butter - No rare, set (excluding Naj's light plate or any others which appear in D1 that don't immediately come to mind) or crafted items may be used. Also thought of restricting unique items to only those available in Diablo 1 as well e.g. Griswold's edge, Stormshield etc (though this may be a bit far as chances of finding these specifically are pretty low)
    - Each character class will try to mimic those of the original game they most resemble (eg. Sorceress + Necro = Sorcerer, Barb + Din = Warrior, Assassin + Amazon = Rogue, Druids either Sorcerer or Warrior depending on build)
    in terms of the skills they are allowed to use, for the most part, skills that also appeared in D1, eg:

    - No cold skills allowed for sorcs (possible exceptions ice blast + glacial spike as they freeze monsters totally in place ala Stone curse, rather than just slowing them down)
    - Necros only allowed Golems from the summon tree (thought of restricting poison skills as well but that wouldn't leave many build options available)
    - Barbs unrestricted, they have it tough enough I guess
    - No blessed hammer or holy freeze for dins, otherwise unrestricted
    - Zons no Javelin based skills allowed (spear skills ok)
    - Assassin is a bit tricky, however leaning towards no lightning traps simply because the build is so overused, no blades of ice
    - Druid can only summon Bears (sort of like a golem), no "wind" skills from the elemental tree allowed

    - Something that could also make this tourney very interesting indeed imo would be if each D2 character as per their "D1 equivalent" shown above could only have a maximum of hard points in each stat, specifically:

    "Warriors" - Strength Max 250, Dex Max 60, Vit max 100, Ene max 50
    "Rogues" - Strength Max 55, Dex Max 250, Vit max 80, Ene max 70
    "Sorcerers" - Strength Max 45, Dex Max 85, Vit max 80, Ene max 250

    - I was originally considering no runes/runewords but I spose they do exist in Hellfire and generally make the game more fun (and it is 1.13)
    - Respecs I am not really a fan of tbh, but don't mind at all if people use them
    - No running allowed, only walking (loljk)

    Would anyone be interested in this? Its all very much open for discussion, any feedback / suggestions you guys have would be very welcome.

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