Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list


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Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

While working my way on my current 1k Ancient tunnel project it struck me that it would be fun to see how close to a perfect one hour MF run one could do. Basically, a competitive high score list, to see who can do the best in hunting treasure in a Mlvl 85 area during one hour.

- You run one Mlvl 85 area, (The Pits, Ancient tunnels, WSK, River of flame, Chaos Sanctuary).
- The time limit is one hour for each attempt.
- No drops from any Act bosses or superuniques counts. So while running the Chaos sanctuary would be viable, items from Diablo or the seal bosses will not count toward your score. Likewise, Baal and his minions in WSK doesn't count.
- Only one entry each.
- The score you post is not final. It is the best you have made sofar. So you can update it later if you manage to beat it.
- Each time you retry your high score, you start on a clean slate, no earlier item drops will count towards your new score.
- If your current score is from Ancient tunnels, nothing stops you from trying to beat it in the pits. But if you do, your AT score will be replaced by your new score from the pits.
- Standard SPF view on mods. ATMA, RRM/RWM allowed.
- The HiScore list is sorted by the highest score, so we get a ranking system going.

Scores will be counted using the MFO scoresheet for lvl 85 area. lvl 85 areas
The following items also gives points:
Gheeds fortune, 1 point. (unique grand charm)
Any Grand Charm with +1 skill, 1 point. (Skillers)
Rainbow facet, 1 point. (unique jewel)
Mid rune (Dol - Mal), 1 point
High rune (Ist - Zod), 10 points.

So for example, I run the Ancient tunnels for 1 hour with my Blizzball sorceress. Luck is not really with me today, but I manage to get:

Aldur's Deception
Shadow Plate
Defense: 832
Durability: 40 of 70
Required Strength: 115
Required Level: 76
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x8a657f84
+20 to Strength
+15 to Dexterity
+300 Defense
Lightning Resist +46%
Requirements -50%
+1 to Shape-Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
+1 to Elemental Skills (Druid Only)

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+15 to Vitality
+15 to Vitality
+15 to Vitality
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Fal Rune
Can be Inserted into Socketed Items

Weapons: +10 to Strength
Helms: +10 to Strength
Armor: +10 to Strength
Shields: +10 to Strength

Required Level: 41
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Aldurs is worth 3.3 points and the Fal rune 1 point. So 4.4 points in total.

HiScore list

Name		Area			Class		Score
Belcarl		Ancient Tunnels		Sorceress	4.4
Would there be any interest in this kind of tournament? And is there anything with the rules that is unclear, or easily abusable?

The score could overtime be pretty hard to beat if someone managed to get a Tyraels. So maybe one should cap Tyraels to 50 points or so. The points for skillers, runes and charm/jewel uniques was added to reward players who dares to play on a higher player setting. I could imagine people getting scores around 40 with a little effort, but above 100 would probably be pretty darn hard.

Comments, suggestions and speculations would be highly appreciated. :)

oh, and the link to lvl 85 item.txt is shamelessly stolen from one of jjscuds posts :whistling:
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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

I might have a go at this one actually. I'm sure I can find an hour to run the Ancient Tunnels.

However - I reckon if someone finds Tyrael's Might then they deserve to win, there's a reason it's worth that many points in the MFO.

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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

Neat idea. I can imagine this becoming a long-running form of comp. Definitely appeals to me, since I can only play about 1 hr at a time anyway.

OTOH, this is a massively, massively luck-based affair: much more so than any other comp. There's really no way to say that someone who gets 60 runs an hour will do any better than someone who gets 40, especially since you are resetting the score.

Still, neat idea.


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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

I'd be in. But I agree it would be worth limiting either the length of time it runs for or the number of attempts.


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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

I'd participate.

This sounds a lot better to me than the Mephaton and the other tourneys, that require hundreds (if not over a thousand) runs to compete. I don't have the patience (or drive) for that much. An hour here or there is a lot better for the casual MFer like myself. Though the hardcore MFers could still make many more 'hour' attempts, and get better items, I like how the previous hours don't count, so it's less of a competition to see who can do more runs, and more on luck of the drop. Just mho.

As for suggestions, you say the bonuses for the runes and charms are for people who play on higher players settings... is there a direct bonus for doing an entire hour on /p3-5-8-etc? Say 5-10 points for an entire hour on /p3-5, maybe more for /p8, as that would slow down the total number of runs capable in an hour.

And maybe no more than 5 (hour long) attempts per area? (for limiting the length... there's only so many lvl85 areas after all)

Is the time used to mule off items part of the hour? Load/save times count as far as I'm concerned, but if you don't have D2 open...


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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

Pfft, MF comps in IRC have been running for 4 or 5 years now, get with the times. :p


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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

What, no link? Poor show, DC. :tongue:


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Re: Tournament Idea: 1 hour HiScore list

This is an MF tourney that I might actually participate in! Excellent idea.