Tournament - Hell with tc3


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Tournament - Hell with tc3

You are playing twinked and you must use tc3 items in this tournament.

Characters & gameplay

[*] You can play HC or SC

[*] You may use S&E to prevent death

[*] Versions allowed are all, classic or LoD

[*] RRM/CRM and RWM can be used, as well as ATMA and GoMule

[*] Any /players setting is allowed, and you can play on /p8 and kill the bosses on /p1 and similar

[*] Any merc may be used

[*] You may rerun areas

Equipment rules

[*] Your character must be twinked and you must use at least one tc3 item throughout the game, each extra tc3 gives extra points and respect

[*] Unique, set or bases for runewords may be used but their treasure class must be 3 for them to count as tc3 equipment

[*] You may use any other gear from any other treasure class as well, except one item at minimum which must be tc3

[*] You must start the game with one tc3 equipped, any other tc3 equipped must be before you start hell for it to count in final calculation

[*] You may use tc3s throught the game and they will count, but only those used through entire hell will make for final points


+1 point for each waypoint gathered
+2 points for each quest completed
+20 points for each difficulty completed
+50 points for each tc3 equipped, not counting the one you must have
-1 point for each lvl
-2 points for each respecialization used
-20 points for each death, HC characters must reenter or quit upon death

The tournament starts now and will end in two months or when interest is lost (no posts for two weeks). Sign up using the table below.
Dont hesitate to post your information on the bottom of your post and state which gear you are using, especially the tc3 part of it.

Forum Name     Character Name     Class        Act/Diff      Level    Points  

Laram           MokiMacola      Barbarian        A1N          13       343

Table is ranked by points and hell difficulty, so character in hell with less points is on better place than those with more points but not yet in hell.



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Re: Tournament - Hell with tc3

Um.... so I could twink on and always wear Biggins Bonnet, which is a pretty good helm, and that's the only difference from regular gameplay?

I'm sorry to say this, but I think you should've introduced this concept for a tournament and asked for comments and suggestions before actually starting the tournament. This tourney is unlikely to require participants to face complex problems in building a character or to alter their usual gameplay styles.

Oh well, good luck and enjoy.


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Re: Tournament - Hell with tc3

Scoring doesn't lead this much to be a "tourney". Since many can play hell difficulty through naked, it wont be all that big a stretch to send them through with an entire outfit of TC3 items. Playing SC makes it even more assured. +50 for each TC3 should be replaced with a requirement to use only TC3 items at all.


Re: Tournament - Hell with tc3

Here's my comments & suggestions.

- Clarify quest completed, greyed out or just task done. (This is almost always a thing that has to be clarified. Why is it that most tourney starters don't think this before hand.)

- Only TC3 items are allowed to be twinked, every other item you want to use you must find.

- No rerunning. If rerunning is allowed this is more normal play, where you run through areas and gain levels by rerunning bosses, than tournament play where to gain levels you must plan on killing every monster.

- Only for melee and missile builds. Restrict summons and damage dealing spells.

- Make the list of TC3 items, not everybody knows them by heart.